Friday 27 November 2015

Book Review: The Art Of Christmas By Jane Lovering

Name: The Art Of Christmas
Author: Jane Lovering
Publisher: Choc Lit Books

Summary: What if the memories of Christmas past were getting in the way of Christmas future?

It’s been nearly two years since Harriet lost Jonno, but she’s finally decided that it’s time to celebrate Christmas again.

Then she finds a stash of graphic novels belonging to her comic book-loving husband in the attic, and suddenly her world is turned upside down once more.

With the help of eccentric comic book dealer Kell Foxton, she discovers that the comics collected by Jonno are not only extremely valuable, but also hold the key to his secret life – a life that throws Harriet’s entire marriage and every memory she has of her husband into question.

As Harriet grows closer to Kell, she begins to feel like she could learn to love Christmas again – but first, she needs to know the truth.

Review: Jane Lovering sure does have a way with words. This is a Christmas novella with a fair few twists and uncertainties along the way. I instantly really liked Harriet, and I loved the way she changed when she started reading Jonno's graphic novels.
To many she may have came across as kind of sad, but she was hit with grief that well and truly changed her whole life. In meeting Kell she found herself again, her Christmas spirit and she learnt
a lot more about her husband Jonno. I really liked the fact that this was completely different to most Christmas novels, this story focuses on two lost souls in Harriet and Kell. I don't want to spoil any of the twists but Harriet really does start to doubt all she had ever known about her life with Jonno and I am pleased to say the outcome is well and truly beautiful.
As I said to Jane on Twitter she is the only person who can call a dog Frodo and quote Breaking Bad and Doctor Who in a Christmas novella ha! What I also got from this story is life is short, live, love and laugh the loudest.

If you want a read that will have you laugh, cry and think then this novella is definitely the treat for you.



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