Wednesday 14 May 2014

Book Review: Sugar And Spice By Angela Britnell

Name: Sugar and Spice
Author: Angela Britnell
Publisher: Choc Lit Books
Available now!!!!!

Summary: The Way to a Hero’s Heart…
Fiery, workaholic Lily Redman is sure of two things: that she knows good food and that she always gets what she wants. And what she wants more than anything is to make a success of her new American TV show, Celebrity Chef Swap – without the help of her cheating ex-fiancé and producer, Patrick O’Brien. So when she arrives in Cornwall, she’s determined to do just that. Kenan Rowse is definitely not looking for love. Back from a military stint in Afghanistan and recovering from a messy divorce and an even messier past, the last thing he needs is another complication. So when he lands a temporary job as Luscious Lily’s driver, he’s none too pleased to find that they can’t keep their hands off each other! But trudging around Cornish farms, knee deep in mud, and meetings with egotistical chefs was never going to be the perfect recipe for love – was it? And Lily could never fall for a man so disinterested in food – could she?

Review: When I received an email from Choc Lit with the blurb about Sugar and Spice I was instantly sure this would be a read I would love. I also thought it was about time I read and reviewed another of Choc Lit's reads. I have so far loved every one of their books. Although I am ashamed to say I still have a few sat in my to be read pile, but over the next coming months I intend to rectify this.
Sugar and Spice is a gorgeous contemporary read, that is set in Cornwall yet leading leading lady Lily Redman is from Nashville, Tennessee. So I get the UK reference and that of somewhere I hope to visit in the near future win win.
Nashville is a place I am eager to visit, ok you got me it may also be down to the fantastic TV show Nashville which focuses on country music- something that Nashville is well known for. Lily is an easily loved character and almost instantly as a reader you warm to the American. She's a hardworking business woman who knows what she wants and she's not afraid to get it. (Well most of the time that is). I wasn't entirely sure whether I would love or loathe Lily from the way she was described to start with. However, I am pleased to say that Lily's alter ego wasn't that bad after all. 
When Betty recommends Kenan, Lily doesn't think anything other than merely business. Although as the story progresses as a reader we see Lily and Kenan's bond change from work to friendship to an intense attraction. Although there are number of twists and huge changes in both of their lives that change them and the way they act towards each other. (Which I cannot say without spoiling the story). Throughout it is apparent that Kenan truly loves Lily, yet he thinks he is being selfish and fights his attraction to her and he very nearly misses his chance of love and happiness.
Lily's cheating ex Patrick is probably one of the only Irish men that I dislike. He is arrogant, full of himself and just plain rude. How someone as loving and caring as Lily ever ended up with a man like Patrick I will never know. It is quite obvious early on that Patrick only has his own best interests at heart. Kenan proves that he is the gent that any young woman would be proud to have on his arm when he shows Patrick exactly whose boss haha
I loved the pace and description of this novel. Cornwall is a very picturesque place and this comes across in Angela's writing. I really enjoyed this contemporary read so much so that it was very hard to get anything else done. Kenan is a dreamboat who proves that opposites really do attract. 
If you're looking to read a fun contemporary with love and humour then pick up Sugar and Spice now you will not be disappointed.
I would like to thank Choc Lit for sending this gorgeous novel my way and I look forward to more of their books throughout the rest of 2014. I am well and truly an Angela Britnell fan now and What Happens In Nashville will be my next read of hers.


angela britnell said...

So pleased to hear you fell in love with Kenan too! Thanks for the great reveiw and I hope you enjoy 'What Happens in Nashville' just as much!

Dark Readers said...

Angela it's Nashville I'm already in love ha! Hayley

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