Saturday 4 January 2014

Happy New Year

Hello Hayley here! Long time no speak and a very happy new year to you all.
Let's hope 2014 is a fantastic year for all of us.

I am soo sooo sorry for the lack of posts. Myself and Casey were both chatting the other day about our lack of posts and updates and we can only apologise for that. 

Casey is doing amazingly well with her book tubing. Have you had a chance to check out her fantastic Book Tube site???? If not pop over and check her out at 

So in the mean time I shall be looking after all things Dark Readers but I am sure Casey will pop in from time to time. I hope so as I'm sure you guys will miss her just as much as I will.

What can I say? Well I am aiming to get a fair few reviews up as well as some guest reviews and hopefully a few authors. Plus I am looking to be consistent with these hello updates from me.
How does that sound??? 

2013 saw some pretty impressive books come out a few of my favourites were....

Take A Look At Me Now By Miranda Dickinson- I have loved every single one of Miranda's novels so far. I have two to read to get me all caught up before her next book. 
Take A Look At Me Now was special for me as I was part of Avon's team of early readers. In doing so I fell in love with Nell's story and all the characters connected, I have to mention Mr Rossi sigh. I also made a new friend in Kirsty who is an awesome blogger and I am hoping to get her on here soon her blog is
If you somehow missed my review on this awesome read here it is

Me and You By Claudia Carroll- Claudia feels like an old friend rather than just a famous and talented writer. Me And You was very different to anything else she has written (although I still have a few of her back catalogue to go through eek) but it was also very real and true to life. I was intrigued and frustrated with this book from the very first page.
I adore Claudia and this is what I had to say about Me and You

Teardrop By Lauren Kate- I am a sucker for Lauren Kate's writing and I am still getting over the Fallen series ending. When I first read about Teardrop I was intrigued yet unsure. When I started reading I was still dubious it's funny how a book can make you go through sooo many emotions I am desperate for the next installment and my review of this should be up either tomorrow or the day after. 

WitchFall By Victoria Lamb- I love love love this series. I am so looking forward to and also dreading WitchRise but I know I will be sad as the end is near sob! Thanks to the fabulous Victoria I have another of hers from another series to read. HAYLEY GET ORGANISED WOMAN.
Here is what I wrote about WitchFall

I have to mention the awesome Emma Mills I have truly fell in love with the WitchBlood series I still have the short novella to read but I thank Emma for including me in all her blog tours and for sending me the fantastic novels so promptly. Here's what I said about the final book WitchHunt. I look forward to what's next from Emma if you want UKYA then read the WitchBlood series you will not regret it.

I could honestly go on all day there were a fair few fabulous books last year. This year I plan to get more book blogger organised but I also want to read more of what I want rather than just to review. A friend of mine mentioned reading some classics and that is something I keep putting off so I think from February I will read at least one classic a month. Hmmmm now what to start with????? That is the question.

Well I would love to hear from you all. I know there are a few of you awaiting books from me, they shall be on there way shortly and I hope to organise lots more comps and giveaways in the coming months.

I can tell you that there will be a Jodi Picoult book up for grabs real soon. So watch this space.


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