Sunday 5 January 2014

Book Review: Wish Upon A Star By Trisha Ashley

Name: Wish Upon A Star
Author: Trisha Ashley
Publisher: Avon

Summary: The perfect gift isn’t always under the tree…

Single mum Cally’s life is all about her little girl Stella. She’s resigned to the fact that the only romance she’s going to get is from the rom-coms she watches, and with her busy job and her daughter, she doesn’t have time to even think about love.
But life gets very tough when Stella gets sick. Balancing her job as a recipe writer and looking after Stella is all consuming, so when Cally meets handsome baker Jago the last thing she wants to do is fall in love, especially when she’s been badly burned by a Prince Charming from her past. Can laid-back, charming Jago unlock Cally’s frozen heart and help her find true love and magic under the mistletoe?

Review: Now I know Christmas has just come and gone but I have to put up a few of my festive reviews. As I whole-heartedly fell in love with a few stories and Wish Upon A Star was one of those stories. 
Now I am about to admit something that I am kind of ashamed of. Wish Upon A Star is the first full length book I have read of Trisha Ashley's. I have read a few shorts and I am pretty sure there is at least one of her books in my to be read pile. But having said that after this festive beauty I am well and truly a fan and I shall be reading her back catalogue throughout the year. I know she has a fair few other festive reads so come October/November of 2014 I shall be getting stuck into those, and I must say I cannot wait. 

What I love about Wish Upon A Star is that it's very real and there are many families out there who love Christmas but there are more important things happening in the lives. In reading this I instantly fell in love with Cally and the very adorable Stella. Stella is a beautiful child who needs a heart operation in order to live a normal life. She is a fragile three-year-old and poor Cally goes out of her mind trying to keep her well and to do what's best for her little girl.

One thing I did like but I also hated was the cakes and recipes. If you are dieting do not read this book although if you are dieting at Christmas time there is seriously something wrong. I love the friendship that blossoms between Cally and Jago as they are two beautiful people who have unfortunately met two awful people previously. What is also quite beautiful is the relationship between Jago and Stella- it's so adorable. I love everything about this festive read, the build-up to Christmas, the twists and turns between Cally and Jago, their disastrous ex's and the beauty of community spirit of Sticklepond.
The sad thing is there aren't that many communities that come together like this one but it does make me think that Christmas time really should be a time of giving to others, and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Just before Christmas I Christmas wrapped for Make A Wish Foundation- giving a few hours of my time back and I felt awesome for doing so. I also met some inspirational people and also some people who had benefited from the charity. I am sure I will make time to do the same again this year. 

For me this is the perfect Christmas treat, accompanied by a hot chocolate and some biscuits tuck into this festive treat with a beautiful ending. I'm not going to lie I really do hope Trisha writes another festive beauty with these characters.


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