Wednesday 13 March 2013

Hidden by Marianne Curley blog tour: Characters of Hidden

Hey guys so today I have  on the blog talking about her amazing characters from her novel Hidden. It is one amazing novel and my review is HERE so check it out!
Tell us how you came up with the characters for Hidden:
Once I knew I was going to write a story where two of my main characters were angels, as I always do at this early stage, I began researching. But back then I had no conception of just how huge the topic of angelology was, or how popular. Undaunted by the mass amount of information available on the Internet and in books (because I was really excited with my new story idea) I started reading up on how angels are viewed by the various religions of the world. It was a mountain of reading. It was more than I could read all day at my computer screen, so I printed stacks of documents and took the printouts to bed to read, night after night.

It wasn’t long before I started to build a vision of my angels, where they would live, how they would communicate, what they would sound like if and when they spoke, their appearance, height, eyes, all those sorts of thing. One important decision was whether or not they would have wings, and if they did what type. I had to figure out size, shape, colour, why they would be that size, shape and colour, and how I could make these stunning winged creatures look human. Then I gave them names and they became so much more real. Nathaneal’s came to me easily. Just as I needed it, it appeared in my thoughts, and it sounded perfect for the beautiful character I had now formed in my mind. The other angels – Michael, golden and stately came next, then Jezelle with her stunning looks - hair that made men weak at the knees and eyes that could devour you.

Ebony’s character came to me while I was brushing my teeth. The scene played like a movie inside my head. I imagined her as an ordinary human girl, her thick auburn hair flowing past her waist while she stared into her bedroom mirror, feeling different, wondering about her unusual violet-coloured eyes, wondering at the strange changes occurring to her body. I felt her burning need to discover her true identity, and to find the source for the sense of inner disquiet she has always felt. The name “Ebony”, meaning a deep lustrous black colour, seemed appropriate. The opposite to white, it was a name her abductors would insist she be called to help keep her identity hidden.

I knew what I wanted in Jordan before I visualised what he looked like. He would be a tortured soul. From the story outline I had put together I knew the boy character would have no Guardian Angel, and therefore his life would be one sad misadventure after another, a lifetime of bad luck. His appearance would have to reflect this, so I visualised his eyes first – dark blue, with deep-seated inner sadness.
Thank you Marianne. Hidden is now avalible in the UK, in leading book stores and online! GO GET IT! :)


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