Friday 15 March 2013

Blog Tour: Unremembered By Jessica Brody

Today I'm hosting a stop on Jessica Brody's blog tour for her phenomenal book 'Unremembered'. Jessica is here to talk about if she was Queen for the day.
Queen for a Day:
I pity the queen that has to take over for me after I’m done with my one-day stint in the palace. I plan to wreck havoc in the royal residence. Although there are MANY things I would like to do if I were queen for a day, here are the top 5:

1. Adopt all the doggies that don’t have homes and move them into the castle. Hey, it’s a big castle. We have plenty of room. And I’ll hire a few people to take care of them so it doesn’t get
2. Hold the biggest afternoon tea celebration the country has ever seen (I’m a huge fan of traditional British afternoon tea) and invite all the hottie British actors to attend, including (but certainly not limited to): Hugh Grant, Jonathan Rhys Meyer, Colin Firth, Jeremy Irvine, Andrew Lincoln, and Edward Cullen (er, I mean, Robert Pattinson).
3. Get a serious celebrity-style make-over (preferably before attending #2)
4. Put on a private Spice Girls concert in my living room.
5. Marry Prince William (after making him divorce Kate) so I can be queen forever! Haha!
Thanks Jessica!


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