Wednesday 8 August 2012

Debutantes By Cora Harrison Blog Tour

Hey guys so Dark Readers are on Debutante by Cora Harrison's Blog tour!
Shes here today to talk about 1920's make-up, fashion and why she loves writting about the 1920's
here is her post!

Cora Harrison says: One of the reasons why I love writing about the 1920s was that it was such a time of change. Suddenly girls like Violet, Poppy, Daisy and Rose, whose father and great-aunt were Victorians, began to realise that life, times and fashions had utterly changed.

And, of course, the big way that these changes were sweeping the world, was the cinema.

It’s hard for us nowadays to realise the effect that films had on the people of the 1920s. Men, women and children were going to the cinema, sometimes every night in the week. The films in a particular cinema would be changed between three and five times a week.

And in those films people would see how the stars, mostly from Hollywood, were dressed, what sort of hats they wore, how they cut their hair, how they made up their faces.

And, of course, they would go home and practise the same look – and, if their parents allow – even sometimes behind their parents’ back – they would get their hair cut in the latest bob-style, just like Lila Lee for instance:

Thanks Cora thats an interesting insight into your inspirations! Debutantes is out now in the UK so go get it! I also did my take on 1920 make-up! check it out! :) also make sure you go to the next stop of the blog tour at Daisy Chain Books


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