Thursday 26 July 2012

Cover Reveal: Beyond by Mary Ting (Crossroads #3)

Title: Beyond (Crossroads #3)
Author: Mary Ting
Release Date: September 12

               Torn between the past she can't remember and a future she isn’t ready for, Claudia feels at a loss. With unanswered questions, she is certain there is more to her past than just being a venator. Finding the missing pieces in her life won’t be easy because duty calls. When mysterious dark shadows get released, an apocalypse sets in motion. The venators and the alkins must work together once again. Knowing Claudia would be the key to destroying the demons that were released, a familiar stranger appears to protect her. Drawn to the beautiful angel, Claudia finds she must unravel the mysteries of her past in order to help save the world. Who is the angel assisting her and why does she feel a strong connection to him? Time is running out. Will she discover all the secrets before it’s too late?

After I got ready, I opened the double doors and saw Austin standing there. His spread out wings were catching the sun’s rays as they radiated around him and through the layers of his wings. They were like an early morning sunrise giving birth to a new day, pouring their vibrant hues across the land. I had seen them many times before and I don’t know if it was the glow, but I was taken aback by the beauty of this alkin. For a moment there, like déjà vu, I had seen something like this before, but I couldn’t recall what it was.

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