Sunday 7 August 2011

Glossary of Terms for THE SUPERIORS!! (( Vote & Enter GIVEAWAY today!))

Throughout the month of August, Dark Readers is representing THE SUPERIORS by LENA HILLBRAND as part of the August's BlowOut Hop held over at See It Or Read It!

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We will be posting fun tidbits and goodies regularly about The Superiors. Today, is a glossary that Lena put together for her readers. These are the words that are used in The Superiors and a definition as to how they are used in her book! This is very helpful & for those of you haven't read The Superiors... maybe this will convince you that you should :-) And if you haven't yet check out my review HERE!

  • Superior: the race that has taken over the earth. They are basically vampires, but they call themselves Superiors.
  • Evolve: to change from a human to a Superior
  • Sapien: a sapien is a human, or homo-sapien. the terms are used interchangeably. abbreviation: sap.
  • sap: sap is the Superior's word for blood. Also slang term that refers to humans (see: sapien)
  • First Order: The vampires that create all the others. The ones who have been in hiding for hundreds/thousands of years and come out to begin the Takeover, making the vampire race that captures the world from humans. In Superior society, they are now like Kings, rarely seen by commoners.
  • Second Order: The vampires created by the First Order to take over the world from humans. They now run the government, own business, land, and livestock (humans). They are wealthy, with good jobs.
  • Third Order: A hundred years after Superiors take over the world from humans, they've killed each other off in political wars and need to create another army to continue their war. They create the Third Order to act as soldiers to continue the war. Now Thirds are the lowest class of society, with low-paying jobs that Seconds don't want. Few own property or livestock.
  • Takeover/Time of the Takeover: the five-year period when vampires took over the world from humans. The First Order evolved humans in their prime to kill off the rest of the human race, leaving the children to raise as food sources for the new vampires.
  • Hundred Year War: After vampires took over the world from humans, the governments of all the countries went to war trying to control the world. The war lasted for a hundred years before six countries came out victorious, plus the principality of Greenland, which remained neutral. The six countries are: Belarus, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, and the Orient. Basically, each continent became its own country with a central government instead of one country ruling the entire world.
  • Great Evolution: The time when the First Order created the Second Order to take over the world.
  • Second Evolution: The time when the Second Order created the Third Order as soldiers.
  • Enforcer: An Enforcer is basically a policeman, only policemen have one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. They are wealthy, highly respected, and often become politicians. Enforcers make, as well as enforce, the laws.
  • The Funnel: The part of North America resembling a funnel, or the part that is now Latin America and Mexico.
  • Pod: a Superior's 'can't-live-without' device, like a videophone/computer/e-reader, etc, all in one. Digital electronic device with everything they ever need to know on it.
  • anya: unit of money, one anya is approximately $10
  • bloodsucker: derogatory term for Superiors, used by humans
  • sapsucker: a derogatory term used by Superiors to denote another Superior's questionable motives about a human. Used as an insult, similar to our use of "c**k sucker"
  • bloodbagger: a slang term used for Superiors who consort with humans (bloodbags)
 Thanks for sharing this Lena!! 


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