Thursday 4 August 2011

Review: The Superiors by Lena Hillbrand

Author: Lena Hillbrand
Publisher: Self Published by Lena May 4, 2011

Summary: Two hundred years after a stronger, faster, nearly invincible race takes over the earth, the Superiors rule humanity with scorn and an iron fist-or iron fangs. Though Superiors raise humans simply as livestock to sate their hunger and sustain their immortal lives, Draven Castle, a discontented, lower-class Superior, will never have the funds to purchase his own human.
One night Draven captures Cali, a human runaway, and defies society's strict laws by feeding on her. The continuing consequences of this one small criminal act forever alter the course of his mundane life. Draven returns Cali, but she has already ensnared his interest. He tries to protect her but finds himself helpless to stop other vampires from feeding on her, so he vows to purchase her, no matter the cost. Soon he begins to take more and more risks to ensure her safety and gain possession of her. But can he risk everything for the chance to own one human girl?

Review:  Imagine knowing that sometime during the night a vampire is going to feed off you. You don't know when or it is painful, and you already have several bite that aren't completely healed, but you are under instructions to obey the Superiors who have superiority over yourself- a human. 

The Superiors is unlike any other vampire book that I have read. Lena creates a whole new world where vampires- known as the Superiors take over the area. They were evolved from humans and now feed off homo-sapiens. These humans are practically made to work at places where there blood can be offered for other vampires to eat. 

 Cali is a human being in a world that is now run by superiors. She ran away from her family once, hoping to gain more freedom, but she finds out that life isn't always greener on the other side. Working in a restaurant where Cali is constantly being bitten by superiors when they are hungry, she does not have a say in much, if any. For being a weak human among a bunch of powerful vampires, Cali is a pretty tough girl. Draven, who is a good looking vampire, and  my newest book boyfriend, is drawn to Cali because he likes the taste of blood. He is torn between decisions of obeying the law and his own desires. I enjoyed both of these characters and am excited to see what happens with both of them as the series continues.

It is a wonderfully enticing and compelling novel, in a world that I wouldn't have been able to imagine until now :-) The story takes you on an adventure that will have yourself wondering what you would do if it was yourself in Cali's or even Draven's situation. 

Although the ending was not how I hoped things would end, I enjoyed the twists and turns that suddenly occur; some a reader may or may not be expecting. There are a few characters in which I hope get a good beating and what they deserve in the next novel! LOL 

I recommend this book to anyone who loves vampire books. The Superiors takes vampire novels to a whole other level!!


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