Sunday 10 April 2011

Red Riding Hood Screening and QnA

Before I talk about this movie and the awesome two days I have had spending time with the cast and being at the preview screening check out the trailer for Red Riding Hood.

The trailer is awesome isnt it? Ok so I had an awesome two days with my good friend Asma. Thanks to my friend Hayley she gave me and Asma preview screening tickets for RRH. I did hear about this movie and saw the trailer and thought "this movie does look awesome" Especially with the two lead guys BUT i will talk about those hot men later ;)

So that was the ticket we were given. They are so pretty and I am going to keep hold of mine just for a memory. So when we got into the Cinema at the Empire in liecester Square, London... We knew the cast were coming to present it so we ran to the front of the theatre and sat right at the front. Then the cast were introduced and all hell broke loose between me and Asma... Want to know why? because MAX AND SHILOH ARE SO HOTTTTTTT! they took our breathe away. You should of seen our faces our mouths were catching flies LOL Amanda looked so pretty in her black dress and Catherine looked like a sexy momma with those leather pants XD.

Ok so when the cast went off we finally watched the film. Before I watched this I heard a lot of people calling this like a spin off from Twilight or the Wolf version of Twilight. In my head im like is that a bad thing? LOL I LOVE Twilight and if there is more movies like it why not watch it? lol The movie was AMAZING. And at times thrustrating because you seriously were just as confused as Red Riding hood was. We just wanted to figure out who the hell was the wolf. The way it was shot was SO BEAUTIFUL. The contrast of RR red cloak and the white snow was mesmerising. The romantic scenes really blew me away Shiloh and Amanda have great chemestry and that Barn scene was WOAH ( I saw no more. Go watch it) overall great movie.

So on to the next day we found out that there was going to be a QnA at the apple shop in oxford street with the RR cast and directer so we went down and once again got first row! when they finally came out and sat down you could see they were nervous especially Shiloh. But as soon as the presenter told them that a couple of girls (us) were at the screening last night they were asking us questions instead of us asking them. They asked who we thought the wolf was and Shiloh who plays Peter kept saying to us did you think it was me? we were giggleing the whole way through.

Catherine hardwick was giving everyone advise on how to be a directer and Amanda was giving us advise on how to be a actor her words were "make sure you know what makes you cry. and make sure you know what the hell makes you scared" ( gotta love her LOL) there was a scene in the movie at the beginning that makes you feel this movie is going to be all nice and happy but then it kinda shocks you and sets the tone. We were talking about that to the cast. I said to them " yeah i was just eating my popcorn and almost spitted it out" they laughed. There should be a video podcast of the QnA on the UK apple store website soon so if you guys wanna check it out go LOOK! Overall the movie was amazing the cast were amazing and of course Catherine Hardwick was her awesome self! check out my photo with her. Her words to me : " I like you red" (I had a red coat on XD)


K said...

forget red, I'm totally GREEN with envy - its definately a movie on my I-must-see list.

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