Tuesday 19 April 2016

Goosebumps Alive sneak peek!

If you go down to The Vaults today you're sure to be scared, because...well because THISSSSSSSS......

We got to see a sneak peak of  Goosebumps Alive the interactive experience now on at The Vaults in Waterloo, London and let me tell you it gave me goosebumps and sent shivers up my spine at the thought of all the manic fantastic-ness you will down underground.....

The project has much more adult focus according. Accoring to the shows writer Tom Salamon thought that a project like this geared towards children wouldn't work, but with a pitch full of blood, gore and horror everyone, including the book publishers were on board. With a main approach to constantly give a feeling of being distorted and unsettled, what more could you ask for from such a show!
The show takes the inspiration from the books, not directly retelling them, almost paying homage to the legacy of goosebumps. Its Goosebumps for 2016. Horror with a twist. We were all much younger when we initially read the books, so the things that scared us then wouldn't necessarily scare us now so what they've done is take the essence of the 70+ stories and pull out the ones that felt right for immersive theatre, "flinging a lot of different spices into the stew". 
Pulling out the little things that come into people's lives that then affect them is the roots of this show...in the books they're gentle and scary and you probably wouldn't still find them scary so it's about what would we do as regular people with these items, like a typewriter... things would get a bit crazy and we would want to engage in this (whatever our better judgement said)...then it gets a bet weirder and darker e.g. revenge ( if you could type out someones fate would you?).  They clearly have a great opinion of human nature! 
The show itself is split between these smaller elements of the experience, then the bigger pieces and the bigger monsters because they're an important part so the sets vary depending on the project.
Entwined in all of this is music by the Tiger Lillies who are putting out an album of the material they've been developing and that you'll hear throughout the show. 
"It's Funny scary dark... adult, we hope to freak everyone out"
Sam Wyer, the designer who also did Alice's Adventures Underground said that this was an ambitious project, but an interesting creative challenge. There was the balance between the world of children's and adults goosebumps. There are references to the humour side which he tried to reflect in the design with the darkness brought in underneath. They want you to reminisce and then take you out if it at the same time. 
Check out some of the design concepts and props below:


Goosebumps Alive is very much alive NOW...will you be taking the plunge?!?
You can find tickets HERE


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