Wednesday 9 March 2016

Goosebumps comes ALIVE! Announcement

So, you may remember my love for immersive theatre and how much I raved about Alice's adventures underground last year (one of my favourite pieces of theatre). Well the Vaults have done it again, this time taking the nostalgia level up a notch and bringing everyone's favourite horror series Goosebumps to life! Even the prospect of walking through one of those books is spine tingling...
For those of you who don't remember here is the creepy theme song that opened the TV series, bringing the horrors to life far to well...

and who could forget this...

So who is ready to take a walk through your favourite books.... but remember ' The Only Way Out though!'

from 14TH APRIL – 4TH SEPTEMBER 2016 The vaults will play host to Goospbumps Alive,

with with an original score by cult-favourite band The Tiger Lillies (SHOCKHEADED PETER), scenes from some of Stine’s  most iconic creations – including

Stay Out Of The Basement,

Night Of The Living Dummy

and Say Cheese And Die!

– will be given a modern twist for adult audiences.  With design by Samuel Wyer (ALICE’S ADVENTURESUNDERGROUND), costumes from Susan Kulkarni (SECRET CINEMA) sound design from Daffyd Gough (THE GENERATION OF Z), masks from Ministry of Masks, as well as puppets and animatronics. The Tiger Lillies will perform live intermittently throughout the run. 

For those of you who also want to give the children a massive fright (we don't blame you) a children’s version of the show (Goosebumps KIDS) will open in May, running on weekends and holidays (14th May – 4th September).

Kieron Vanstone, Director at The Vaults said: “I’ve wanted to take Goosebumps to the stage 
for years but had to make sure I could do justice to R.L. Stine’s trademark combination of horror 
and humour. Immersive events have become the lifeblood of London culture, from Punchdrunk to 
Secret Cinema, and Goosebumps is perfectly suited to the genre – these stories were made to be 
experienced up close, with every shiver, sound and unsettling sight! He added: “I’ve been a lifelong fan of Goosebumps – who could forget Night of the Living Dummy? – and am thrilled to be bringing these shows to London next year, along with some of the best creative talent around.”

Now for the technical stuff! 
Adult Show (suitable for ages 12+)  “Goosebumps Alive”
Running time: 90 minutes
6th APRIL – 4th SEPTEMBER 2016
Tuesday – Sunday
Tuesday – Friday, entry times between 7pm – 9.30pm
Saturday, entry times between 1.30pm – 9.30pm
Sunday, entry times between 1.30pm – 7.30pm
Tickets start at £32.50 plus booking fee (previews from £25)

Children’s Show  (suitable for ages 5-11)  “Goosebumps KIDS”
Running time: 50 minutes
14th MAY – 4th SEPTEMBER 2016
Saturday and Sunday, plus Tuesday – Sunday during half term and summer holidays
Entry times between 11am – 12.30pm
Tickets start at £15 plus £1.50 booking fee

If Alice is anything to go by THIS IS A SHOW NOT TO BE MISSED!

I'M SCARED of what I'll find down in the faults but I'm going to have so much fun doing so... watch this space for our thoughts on the show! 


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