Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Netflix: Shadowhunters - The Mortal Instruments

So firstly I wanted to say hello again and to say sorry for my silence.
Now it goes without saying that I well and truly loved the Mortal Instruments I think this is one series that we can kind of agree on here at Dark Readers.
I heard about the TV show but didn't think much of it, as I hadn't heard any release dates or potential channels until I downloaded Netflix. I haven't been under a stone, I do know and have watched Netflix before. This time around I have downloaded for my personal entertainment and I must say I am loving exploring new shows especially this one. Don't get me started on Making A Murderer I may even tell you about that another time, all I will say now is compelling, addictive and completely unbelievable.

For me this show is like taking a trip down memory lane with some friends. I was completely spell-bound by these books and to have them on the big screen is awesome. I must say much like the film I was vary wary of Jace Wayland's chosen actor but he is warming to me. What I truly adore is that I am revisiting the stories that I have known so well and feeling that same rush I once had, there are times in certain scenes when I am somewhat jumpy. I must say Simon has been cast exceptionally well not only in look but in exactly how he is portrayed. Jump on Netflix and catch up this is a series any book worm must see, it's available in the UK on Wednesday's the lucky US get to see it a day before us...let me know if you check it out. I am now off to catch up on this week's episode.



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