Thursday 13 August 2015

Night Owls Blog Tour - Jenn Bennett’s Writing Desk

Today I am very excited to welcome Jenn Bennett to the Blog and her AMAZING book Night Owls... which quite frankly you all need to grab a copy of and READ!(It's out TODAY so no excuses - have some cake to celebrate whilst your at it). It's time to go on a tour so I'll let Jenn take over... 

Readers always ask me where I write. I believe they like to think of it as some mystical place. I’m sorry to report that in reality, much like my brain, it’s a cramped hodge-podge of a mess. Half writing hovel, half drawing board for my artwork, THIS is where the so-called magic happens for me. I write nowhere else: no bustling coffee shops, no dreamy beaches, no quiet forests. Here’s your exclusive tour:

1. Fancy notebooks: I write all my ideas for books in these. They are very specific: grid-lined, mostly Japanese, preferably square in shape, some A5 size, a few Rhodia from France (but their paper quality has gone downhill over the years). I have a small obsession.

2. Oh, look. It’s early galley-proof copies of some of my books! Are they sitting on a broken-down printer? Yes, yes they are. (Don’t ask.)

3. A framed print of the cover of my very first book from 2011, signed by the cover artist.

4. I collect weird things, including vintage postcards of redwood trees from the California coast. You might wonder why I set all my books in California when I live all the way across the country in Atlanta. The short answer is that I used to live in Los Angeles.

5. What’s that weird, clear pointy thing? Oh, nothing. That’s just my Reviewers Choice Award that I won earlier this year from RT Book Reviews. *puffs up with pride*

6. The blue shadow box is from the 1940s. It’s filled with strange and wonderful things, including: a Viking ship (my mom is Swedish), a lucky jade Chinese lion (I’ve traveled to China a lot), a lucky 3-legged Chilean pig (do you sense a lucky theme going on here?), Momiji message dolls, an old photo of me and my dad (you can’t see it, but I’m carrying a book—once a book lover, always a book lover).

7. Remember all those fancy writing notebooks? I’ve got a fancy pen obsession, too. My #1 fave everyday Japanese pen is Hi-Tec-C Maica.

8. Just your run-of-the-mill laptop. Why is there cardboard taped over the bottom? Because the trackpad drives me CRAZY. Take that, technology!

9. I use a lot of Prismacolor pencils in my artwork, and I separate them by color family in jam jars without the lids. The other jars in the background contain various art supplies: graphite pencils, blades, scissors, pastels, etc. (Bonus: I chew a lot of peppermint gum. I adore peppermint.)

10. German edition of Night Owls.

11. Sharpies in a green Tiki mug.

12. Sketch of a raven. You know nothing Jon Snow.

[What a desk is all I have to say!]
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