Thursday 27 August 2015

Book review: The Rest of us just live here by Patrick Ness

Title: The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Author: Patrick Ness
Publisher: Walker Books
Release Date: 27th August 2015
Synopsis: What if you aren’t the Chosen One?
The one who’s supposed to fight the zombies, or the soul-eating ghosts, or whatever the heck this new thing is, with the blue lights and the death?
What if you’re like Mikey? Who just wants to graduate and go to prom and maybe finally work up the courage to ask Henna out before someone goes and blows up the high school. Again.
Because sometimes there are problems bigger than this week’s end of the world, and sometimes you just have to find the extraordinary in your ordinary life.
Even if your best friend is worshiped by mountain lions.

Review: THIS BOOK....I feel like recently I've been writing very similar things about books, or using the same words like 'love' (so maybe I should buy a thesaurus) but maybe that's also OK, because the sentiment is the same ( I loved this book like I've loved many this year), and maybe not every review has to be different...and that's where I promise to stop trying to stretch out a bad pun, as true as it may be.

So yeah...this book was fantastic, I flew through it like quick fire and didn't want it to end! Some books are written in a way that just clicks with you, and this clicked in so many ways I can't even tell you. There was this fluidity to the writing that haven't felt in literature for a while that was so easy to be drawn into.  And the cover...if that doesn't draw you in then we might as well leave it here :p it has this cool old movie poster quirk that I really like...and now have a print of on my wall.

The premise is simple and effective...not everyone has to be the hero, we just have to be yourselves and with that life happens, and you never know what that life is going to be. This was something that although was build up for the narrative of a book was also a subject that was relatable to so many people because we've all been in a school environment and remember what that was like, and especially myself, wanting to not be the 'it' person but plod along well enough in my own life. I was..and am and will still be Mikey. It opened up with these great natural conversations between friends and family, the personalities, situations and event we could all relate to in one way of another, and that's one of the things that made it so great.

At the beginning of every chapter there is this great ironic narrative of the 'hero's' story, that was just so funny, and also a little interesting that it swept you into that story, adding those little layers that gave the book depth without being a heavy read. I also loved how it was the 'indi' kids, because throughout the book there was this great feeling of the irony that it may or may not have been playing on but that gave this book that underlying feeling of something more.

This was a teen book for teens, but it was also soo much more than that, and is a book that (i hope and feel) that everyone who reads it will enjoy.

I now throughly can't wait to read more from Patrick Ness.

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