Friday 12 June 2015

Blog Tour: Beautiful Liar By Tara Bond

Name: Beautiful Liar
Author: Tara Bond
Publisher: The Hot Bed

Nina Baxter has her life all mapped out. She wants to work hard, take care of her younger sister and not end up like her drunk of a mother. Most of all, she plans to stay away from bad influences.

Alexander Noble doesn't give a damn about anything or anyone. The heir to an unimaginable fortune, he’s never had to do a day’s work in his life, and devotes himself to pleasure and partying.

When opposites attract…
From their very first meeting, Nina knows Alex is bad news, and vows to stay away from him. But as their paths continue to cross, she can’t help being drawn to him – especially when he makes no secret of his interest in her.

Can they resist the pull?
For the first time ever, Nina is on the brink of following her heart. But can she believe Alex when he tells her to trust him? Or is he just another beautiful liar?

Review: When I received the email from Kate at the Hot Bed asking if I wanted to take part in this blog tour, I jumped at the chance. Although I was a little worried that I wouldn't have the time to complete the novel. Kate has been good to me and her recommendations on novels are spot on. I noticed that this is Tara's first novel and I am certainly excited to read more from her. There was actually an extract of her next novel at the end of this proof but I decided I wouldn't read it just yet as I know I will be eager for more and I am not sure on the release of this one so I thought best not to tease myself.

WOW! There was so much to this novel and I truly hope Beautiful Liar shows all the critics that new adult books are not just all sex, although it does feature. Nina was instantly a character I warmed to a true girl, who was real and herself in almost every situation. One that wasn't bothered by airs and graces and one who knew what she wanted out of life. The sort of person that always sticks by you. The main events that spark the tone of the story happen quite quickly and you instantly feel so sorry for Nina. From a young age she has took control of her family since the death of her father saw her mother spiral out of control and lose her senses to the bottle. There were so many twists in this novel that I truly wasn't expecting. As they say don't judge a book by it's cover the same thing can be said about characters. I instantly warmed to Giles and it wasn't until it was too late that I realised he wasn't what I thought. There was something about Alex but it took me a long while to think anything nice about him. He came across as alluring and tempting but his attitude to women made me think arsehole. As did Nina for the most part, but as they say you can't help who you fall in love with.

Alex and Nina go through a lot of crap to be together and there was a moment in the book when Jas (Nina's workmate and best mate) said oh no and that was exactly what I said out loud whilst reading on my lunch break. Alex made a complete fool of her, but as ever there was a reason for it but his words were hurtful and damning. As much as he was constantly pushing her away he was also the answer to her prayers and knight in shining armour when Nina was put in a difficult situation with a loan shark thanks to her mothers alcohol abuse.

I really liked Jas from the outset, she went out of her way to make Nina feel welcome and gave her the low down on everyone that attended Destination the club they both worked in owned by Duncan Noble - who her dad used to work for and who her mum wouldn't want her near after their row many years ago. Nina doesn't have a clue what happened but as she needed to make some money fast she needed a job. The one thing I did think about Jas was that she was extremely naive but I think Nina and Jas brought out the best in each other and both Nina and I were wrong in the end about Hugh's intentions for Jas.

I love that Nina's hard work paid off, she got her mum sober she reunited with her sister and she got the boy in the end. I like that Tara has kind of left the story open to a point. The way it was left Nina is trying to trust that her mum won't hit the bottle, she is still working part-time, she has gone back to college so she can go to university and she moved in with Alex after all their drama.

A real story with real characters that will touch your heart, I can safely say that I am ready and waiting for Tara's next novel. If you get the chance to read one book this summer then make it Beautiful Liar you seriously won't regret it. I can guarantee a roller-coaster of emotions though.


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