Saturday 9 May 2015

Review: Origins (Summoner Books Prequel) by Taran Matharu

Title: Origins (Summoner: Prequel)
Author: Taran Matharu
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Release Date: Out Now!!
Synopsis: Arcturus is just an orphaned stableboy when he discovers he has the ability to summon demons from another world. He is sent to Vocans Military Academy where the lost arts of summoning, spellcraft and demonology are taught to the noble children of the Empire. As the first commoner gifted with this ability, his discovery challenges the nobility and the powers that be. At the Academy Arcturus quickly makes enemies. With no one but his demon Sacharissa by his side, Arcturus must prove himself as a worthy Summoner ...

Review: Oooooh yes! This was a little gem and I loved it - I only wish it was longer! Here we have the back story of Arcturus, who by know you may know from your spell casting lesions in The Novice...and if you don't you get to know him a whole lot more and continue your journey.

Even though I cant actually pronounce his name I really like Arcturus and it was great to have his back story which was spoken a little about in The Novice but here we get to experience it and in a similar was to The Novice it really felt as a book (I hope that's understandable to people!). I love that we got to see more of the King and the future king, some of the characters that feature in The Novice as their younger selves annnnnnnnnnd more demons!

The cover is lovely, not least because we get to see a young Arcturus and Sacha who is looking fearsome (but we know she's really lovely!)

There was also a beautiful symmetry between Arcturus and Fletcher I felt, there's a strength and a humility to both, a kindness that was really reflected well.

We get a little bit of action to, which had me gripping the kindle thinking shizzle what's going to I read on and found out clearly and it was fun, little intense and I wanted it to continue!!

If you have or if you haven't read The Novice grab a copy of this eBook and get reading!

If you want to check out my review of The Novice and interview with the author you can do so here.



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