Thursday 21 May 2015

Book Review: 50 Ways To Find A Lover By Lucy - Anne Holmes

Name: 50 Ways To Find A Lover
Author: Lucy - Anne Holmes
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Summary: I feel like a failure. It's now been 351 days since I had sex. That's a carnal drought. If Bob Geldof knew about it he'd hold a concert.
Sarah Sargeant has been single for three years and nine months. She has just spent five months plucking up the courage to ask out a balding man with a paunch who works in her local pub. The gentleman in question informed her that he would rather stay in and watch the Narnia movie on DVD. Her pride has not just been bruised, it's been disembowelled. And she vows it's the last time she will ever reach out to a member of the opposite sex.
But her family and friends have other ideas. They enter her into a reality TV show against her will, persuade her to go speed dating and even more radically, they encourage her to start a blog. Suddenly Sarah Sargeant is on a mission.
A mission to explore 50 Ways To Find A Lover.

Review: Now I must start by saying this is the second Lucy - Anne Holmes novel that I have devoured and well and truly adored. I first read Just A Girl Standing In Front Of A Boy earlier this year after receiving it as a Christmas present. My personal life was a minefield and I was in desperate need of a light-hearted read. Wow! In that novel I was given that.
The power of social media directed me to that book and I am so grateful as it was enlightening, real and not too serious. Which was exactly what I needed. So here I am now on my second Lucy novel and my she does not disappoint. Sarah Sargeant is a very real to life woman who is going through a number of real situations. But the best part is this novel is easy to read and it still keeps you on the edge of your seat without it being too heavy. Yet again I am in need of this sort of entertainment in a novel.

Sarah is a character you immediately fall in love with, everything about her makes you as a reader smile. She has a number of setbacks during this novel in her personal and professional life, she is an actress who is forever getting knock-backs. Obviously that is part and parcel of the industry she thought she was used to it. Until she is rejected by a reality TV role that she doesn't even want at the beginning.
This is the turning point for Sarah and the start of her quest, there is lots of fun and sadness along the way. When she started her blog it reminded me of when I first joined Casey and how excited I was for my first blog post comment.
Haha! It has even made me think Speed Dating could be a laugh. I don't want to ruin the twist but I will say I didn't even realise who was in front of Sarah's nose all along and I also think I was falling for him too.

If you want a novel that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts then take a look at Lucy - Anne Holmes fabulous collection of novels. I am now two down and I honestly cannot wait to read more from her.


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