Tuesday 20 January 2015

Top 10 Night School Web Series Moments + Giveaway!!!

 Alas...we have come to the end of season one of the fantastic Night School web series - though it's on the internet, so it's not really the end is it, it's sort of there forever now. If you have no idea what I'm talking about or if you've missed any of the episodes and want to catch up, or as I just have, want to re-watch the whole series again, you can check out CJ's YouTube page here.

The series brings to life the best selling Night School series books by C J Daugherty as little shorts set in between the events of the novels,  from different character perspectives. I've had so much fun being able to share these with you, as well as being able to interview nearly everyone  involved!
Check out out interview with author CJ here as well as with director Jack Jewers here. ANNNND we interviewed the cast, which you can watch over on our YouTube channel.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my top 10 moments of the series....drum roll please.....

10. Nathaniel wearing sunglasses at EVERY given opportunity

9. The time Allie didn't care (good thing those were sugar bottles) 

8. That Men Girls Moment:  "They Look at me and they think...

7.I just LOVE the look on Eleanors face when she says this....

6. The moment Allie and Carter KISSSS... No GIF because that might be weird! 

5 The time Katie said this: 

(Which is what I'm not going to go around saying from now on!)

4. The BEAUTIFUL locations used throughout!! 

I'm fully up for a Night School tour of all these locations...and then I can actually go and say "I didn't ask for sprinkles"  and climb the tree....and ...and 

3. The thing we've always ALL secretly wanted to do from Episode 1 "Flashback" :

(We are not responsible for any spontaneous table flipping this may cause!)

2. The one for all the girls (and guys) to swoon over. In between lots of running and thinking in Episode 2 "The Other One" Carter had time to do this Bond inspired moment: 

And finally my favourite moment...most likely because of the way thet I made the GIF but, the unique array of faces Nathaniel pulled in Episode 3 "Power" which looked a little something like this:

And there you have it, my top moments! 

NOW we want to know what YOUR favourite moments were. Leave a comment in the box below or tweet us your moment at @darkrreviews and our favour moment will win a set of the first 4 books in the series!! We also have a set of character postcards to give away too! 
Competition closes Wed 28th Jan 2015 so Get involved! 


Unknown said...

My favourite moment in the first episode is smashing the bottles with a hockey stick that just looks really fun and of course carter in the lake is so good to watch and the funny moments of Katie's attitude. Nathaniels glare was amazing because he pulled off mocking and angry with is a terrifying combination. The editing and cinematography throughout the series is amazing because it's perfectly shot and the pace is kept up and stays interesting. I really wish I could have helped create this amazing series as it is my ambition to create things like this when I graduate.

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