Wednesday 14 January 2015

Book review: The Ice Dradon by George R. R. Martin and Luis Royo

Title: The Ice Dragon
Author: George R. R. Martin
Illustrator: Luis Royo
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Release Date: 4th December 2014
Synopsis: From ancient times, the ice dragon was a creature of legend and fear, for no man had ever tamed one. When it flew overhead, it left in its wake desolate cold and frozen land. But Adara was not afraid. For Adara was a winter child, born during the worst freeze that anyone, even the Old Ones, could remember.Adara could not remember the first time she had seen the ice dragon. It seemed that it had always been in her life, glimpsed from afar as she played in the frigid snow long after the other children had fled the cold. In her fourth year she touched it, and in her fifth year she rode upon its broad, chilled back for the first time. Then, in her seventh year, on a calm summer day, fiery dragons from the North swooped down upon the peaceful farm that was Adara’s home. And only a winter child—and the ice dragon who loved her—could save her world from utter destruction. 

Review: "Adara liked winter best of all, for when the world grew cold the Ice Dragon came" This first line sent a chill down my spine, and just for added effect there's a massive Ice dragon traversing across the page! Brilliant. It made for a very striking opening indeed 

This was a short but sweet story, almost fable like in its nature.  There was a beautiful contrast in the cold and icy nature of  Ice dragon and the effects it had on the town, against Adara's coldness ,a difference to everyone one else in the town, that which resulted in their connection. It gave a beauty to the winter,  and to her as a character, because of the appreciation she could have for the effects of inter - something I'm trying to appreciate at the moment with it being Freezing and I'd really like some snow.  It's also made me want to go dragon riding...just need to find a dragon wish me luck with that, f anyone knows anyone...anyhow -  

The story flowed quickly, and hinted on the fringes of epicness (accompanied by some strong imagry), and made me go through a bunch of emotions, from happy to sad to happy again as I flew (geddit...becuase dragons...anyhow) through the story. 

The accompanying  illustrations really helped to take the story to that next level that it needed, giving it an oomph that increased my enjoyment in it. They were almost gothic in their drawing, with a mix of sweet drawings of Adara and intense pictures of dragons, enough dragons to satisfy everyone's needs and they added to the fairy tale nature of the story.  

You don't have to be a fan of Game of Thrones to like this, just like a good story with a dragon thrown in for good measure. It a great quick read, so read it quicksticks!   Its also a good little taster to keep you going until season 5 of GoT 


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