Friday 7 November 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Famous In Love By Rebecca Serle

Book: Famous In Love
Author: Rebecca Serle
Publisher: Macmillan UK
Release date (UK & US): OUT NOW
Summary: She fell in love with him in the books - now she has the chance to star opposite him in the film . . .Paige doesn't think she's particularly special, but after getting the starring role in a massive film adaptation of the bestselling Locked trilogy, the rest of the world would disagree. Now she's thrown into the spotlight, and into a world of gossip, rumour and deceit. The only people who know what she's going through are her two male co-stars, and they can't stand the sight of each other. Paige knows it's a mistake to fall in love on the set of a movie, but days of on-screen romance and intensity start to change her mind. The question is, can she keep what happens behind the scenes a secret when the world is watching her every move?

Review:  So when I first heard the premise of this book it sounded excitingly original and I wanted to read it straight away.

I was sucked in from the get go. A 17 year old girl living a normal life goes into an open audition, to become the lead in one of the most famous YA books in the world at the time and she gets the part, But not only does she get the part she has sexy male leads fighting over her.

No you may be thinking "Oh no this sounds cheesy" but my god was it not. If you're a fan of a steamy romance's tipped in with Hawaii, sun, sea and fun times then this is a book for you. 
While reading this I could tell Rebecca had done her research on how this movie making game works. It was actually really insightful to read about behind the scenes of a movie making process.

What was so fantastic about this book too was this is every YA readers dream, Especially of you're a fan of YA being turned into films. Many fans (including myself not gonna lie) fantasise about being the lead in your fav YA to movie adaption, and through this book you can do it, thanks to Rebeccas amazing writing skills of course. 

The sexual tension between all the lead characters had me wanting to jump into the ocean at points. The set was on fire. I have to say the characters were not at all two dimensional. You really felt them coming off the page so perfectly. Their personalities stood out very well and made the book very enjoyable.

Overall if you're a YA fan that loves contemporary romances set in scenario's you've never come across before then you'll love this one! Hip, fun, romantic and down right addicting!  


Reading Away The Days said...

I am glad you enjoyed Famous In Love I really stuggled with this book I wanted to enjoy it so much but it just lacked something for me!

Unknown said...

This one sounds interesting, Casey. I'll have to check it out.

Michelle Fluttering Butterflies said...

My first impression of the book probably was that it sounded cheesy... but I think you've convinced me otherwise :)

Ipe Decking website said...

FAMOUS IN LOVE is a feel-good book with extremely likeable characters. Paige is a great narrator and I actually loved that she was torn between these two guys. I can assure you the ending isn’t what you expect, but before you go freaking out like I did, there’s another book coming.

Marlene Detierro said...

This book was so good! Definitely gave me new perspective on celebrity romances and made me feel for not only the characters in the story but for people who live in the public eye! A fun, exciting read!

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