Thursday 21 August 2014

Book Review: The Darkness of Light by Tammy Farrell

Title: The Darkness of Light (The Dia Chronicles # 1)
Author: Tammy Farrell
Publisher: Self published
Note: This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review by the author, Tammy Farrell. 
Summary: The world has long forgotten them, but their descendants live on, not wholly mortal or god, but something in between…

At the dawn of the sixth century, in the aftermath of her mother’s brutal execution, Mara Black is forced to flee the only life she has ever known.

Mara can tell she’s different, but isn't sure why. After she encounters two mysterious strangers, she discovers her secret is but a drop in an ocean of many. She is a Dia, a descendant of ancient gods, and her mother sacrificed herself to protect Mara from their past.

Summoned by an uncle she didn't know existed, Mara thinks she’s found the family she’s always wanted, and Corbin, a love she never thought possible. But not everything is as it seems. Her uncle has other motives for protecting her, and her mentor, Malcolm, becomes so jealous, he’ll do anything to get what he wants. When tragedy strikes, and the true darkness among them comes to light, Mara discovers that sometimes love can give you everything, and obsession can take it all away. With her powers gone, and destiny calling, she has to look deep within to find the courage to save herself. Mara, along with Corbin and her newfound family, must fight to get back what was taken, or die trying.

Review: The Darkness of Light is the debut novel of Tammy Farrell set in the sixth century, and you're thrust into a world that is very vivid. Immediately you're thrown into the action and you learn by the character's actions. It was a wonderful way to start the book. The world was amazing and the concept was unique for me. The heroine in this story is Mara Black, and she has just witnessed her mother's execution. With this she is forced to flee everything that she has ever known and start life over again. But she quickly learns - the life that she has known has also been a complete lie.

I had some very high hopes for this novel and for the most part, it delivered. It was self published and I had to keep that in mind. There were a few points where I noticed grammatical errors but they were honestly very small things. In the first portion of the book this really bothered me and I almost considered stopping because it was bothering me - BUT I continued to read and didn't notice them any longer. All that aside, I am very glad that I gave this book a second chance because it was incredibly entertaining and the story itself was so unique.

The majority of the characters in the book were incredibly well developed (especially Mara and Malcom, in my opinion) and I felt myself torn in a few different parts of the book. You know when you can understand why a character might think or feel the way that they do because of their history... but know that it is so completely wrong? That's how I felt. I knew who I was supposed to be rooting for, but couldn't help but wanting to know more about Mara's jealous mentor, Malcom and his story. Why did he feel the way that he felt or act the way that he acted?  I enjoyed the first book in the Dia Chronicles so much that I've already looked into the second book which is expected to release in November, The Embers of Light. If you're looking for a new fantasy series to follow I suggest you give the debut novel, Darkness of Light a chance because this series has a ton of potential.


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