Friday 4 July 2014

The 100 Year Old Man Film Review

Title: The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared
Director: Felix Hergren
Certificate: 15
Out: 4th July 2014

Review: This film is exactly what it says on the tin! The film, an adaptation of the hugely popular Swedish novel of the same name by Jonas Jonasson, stars Robert Gustafsson as we go on a journey of life, laughter and lots of BOOMS on the day of his 100th Birthday.  
This was one of those films where I walked in expecting one thing, and then was given something completely different and really enjoyed it. It seems to be becoming a thing with me where I walk into a film oblivious that its going to be in subtitles, and then they start and I let out an 'ah' of recognition.  But the script was simple and effective and flowed with ease and I could have got the feeling and humour without the subtitles. 
Whereas the book was able to take more creative liberties and go more in-depth with the action both in the immediacy of his escape and in his life, the film is aided by the quicker pace it takes. Switching between the present day and Allan's life growing we are giving snapshots of a troubled, varied, yet interesting (for better want of a word)life. It seems Alan was responsible, in part at least, for a lot of historical events! It was here though with the quick pace that I feel the film was slightly let down, falling into slapstick, that didn't match the effortless humour of Allan in the present day. 
The film from the beginning felt like it was shot as a drama, rather than a comedy, which was then layered with humour, that was inserted simply but oh so effectively, packing an effective punch where we were all regularly laughing. This was only heightened with the blaze approach and reaction to the extremities of the action as it unfolded, and each new character that was introduced added a new dynamic. This also took the story from purely a comedy to a subtle look about life, love and the choices we make (this could also be me completely over analysing it, but I have been thinking about it a lot since I saw it). 
If you enjoyed the book, you'll enjoy the film, and if you haven't even read the book, you'll still enjoy the film (maybe even more). This is also...dare I say of those rare instances where you want to see the film first, to laugh and enjoy and then go to the book and get a whole lot more out of it!  Definitely one to watch this summer!   


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