Wednesday 2 July 2014

How To Get A Love Life's Rosie Blake answers Hayley's questions...

Hello all Hayley here. Now if you remember rightly at the beginning of this year I devoured Rosie's debut novel How To Get A Love I stated in my review this is not a self help book but it sure as hell was a laugh out loud piece of genius by Miss Blake herself...anyway since truly loving her first book I have been chatting to Rosie on/off on Twitter and I kindly asked her if she would answer some questions for us so here they are....

What was your inspiration/reason for How To Get A Love Life?

*serious face* Therapy.

NO!! In truth I loved the idea of writing a character transformation novel and wanted to take a girl who hadn't taken any risks and see what would happen if you threw her in at the deep end. Cue hilarious dates, dreadful men and a sea kayak in Winter.

Are you anything like Nicola or Caroline? If so in what way? If not did you base them on anyone in particular.

I am probably more laid-back than Nicola. I think Caroline is an amalgamation of lots of lovely friends I've had in the past. Both women though are hopeful and like to see the sunny side of things and I like that in my characters.

How did you come up with all the dates? Were they from your personal experiences or those of friends? 

One was personal experience, no Chris it is NOT COOL to make your date rate 100 head shots of yourself. And another was a friend who met a guy who did start rapping during their date. Horrific. And I have to say I do own a double sea kayak with my husband....

How long did it take you to write How To Get A Love Life?

It was relatively quickly. I actually wrote it in two parts as I started a new novel in between and was then super lucky that Novelicious Books didn't mind waiting a couple of months for me to finish the first draft. Once I get going I tend to write about 2,000 words a day.

What is you're average working day like? 

Mad and not average at all. I write in snatches, word races, at weekends, in the night, after work or intensively when I take myself off for a few days so no two days are ever the same.

Is there one book or series that you wished you had written and why? 

Jilly Cooper is my writerly heroine - she has written an amazing set of books that are so funny, witty and charming.

I'm yet to read any of the Sunlounger short stories but am I right in thinking you have a story in both? If so tell me about them. 

I adore being part of this anthology. It is such fun being part of something so big with so many writers I admire. We all set stories in different exotic locations and I tend to go big on the rom com nature of the story. My first was set in Iceland and my second is based in the rooftop bar of the Marine Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

I've recently developed a newfound love for short stories after suffering a few book hangovers. Mixing up my reading with shorts really helps stimulate my brain. Is that the same for writing shorts? 

I think so. Some writers haven't had much experience of them but I started writing by entering short story competitions so I have always enjoyed them. I like the fact you can dive right in, not explain the back story and frankly just dip into a character or two and then leave them to it.

How do you come up with your ideas? And how do you choose your characters names?

Ideas, I have no idea. I have started making notes of settings in particular, when I know I am somewhere interesting that I should perhaps describe and share. As for characters I have no clue, I think they are a mash up of people I have met and then my imagination twists them into different people. As for names I am hopeless. I start out using friend's names but that can be DANGEROUS so I change a lot during the second, third, fourth edits...

What advice do you have for budding writers seeing as you're now writing book two?

KEEP GOING. I am not sure I can stress that enough, you need to keep writing, play around with short stories, read, read, READ and note what you like and then have faith you will land upon a good story that people will want to share with you. Promise.

I know you've told me about book two but can you elaborate? (Also how is it going?)

I am loving it, which is freaking me out now as I am way past 30k (the usual point I freak out and want to throw it out of a window).  It's a girl's global search for the man she married aged 8. It takes her all over the world and currently she is in Malaysia having just burnt this guy's hut down....

If you somehow missed my review of How To Get A Love Life then!!


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