Friday, 18 July 2014

Author Guest Post and Giveaway: Witchblood author Emma Mills is back with Flying With Fire

Hello Hayley here! Today the lovely Emma Mills author of the Witchblood series joins us here at Dark Readers. Her new novel Flying With Fire is out now go check out Amazon. As some of you may remember I well and truly adored Witchblood, so I am pleased to say Emma is back with something new and very different but it sounds awesome all the same.

Nobody who enters Ravenwood school will ever be the same again.

Fifteen year old Brooke has been in care all her life. Now she finally has an adoptive family who don’t want to send her back to The Home; but their solution for her problems is much more dangerous.
A secret boarding school for possessed children. A boarding school where any unnatural behaviour will be stamped out. A boarding school with no escape; where witchcraft is punished and vampires are murdered in the sunlight.

Brooke is the only one with the power to escape the security wards, yet she must find a way to help them all before it is too late.

A while ago I asked Emma if she would talk us through her average working day so here she is...

My Writing Day
I began writing WitchBlood, my first novel, once my youngest child started nursery. With a three year old and a five year old it took two years before I finally published! Now my life as a writer is simpler, thankfully, as both children are at school.
We moved both house and county last October, moving two hundred miles south to Somerset, so now I have my own study. As I enjoy a variety of crafty hobbies as well I usually share my desk with a sewing machine and other clutter, but I love it! I have a cork board on the wall behind my laptop to pin images that represent my current characters or storyline. I am a visual person so I find it really helps to be able to ‘see’ the characters right in front of me. 
My usual working day consists of me taking the children to school, coming back and having a large mug of tea and a croissant… or hot buttered crumpet, and wasting time on my iPad, flicking through Facebook, twitter, emails… and (whispers) Minecraft!! By 9:45 I have usually dragged myself upstairs and booted up the laptop. I prefer to work all morning and, if I am in the middle of writing a book, will usually sit there and write until I have done at least 1000 words, which I can do in an hour if it is flowing… two if not! Then I make myself another mug of tea before getting back to it.
I try to write about 2000 words a day. When I start a project I usually have a couple of dates in my head: a first draft date and a publishing date. When I get within two weeks of the first date my daily word count usually increases. The most I have managed to write in one day is 4500 words, which gave me intense brain strain!  I prefer to keep it under 2500.
The last hour or so before school pickup is usually taken up with mundane housework and odd jobs. When I’m not writing I am usually arranging blog tours and writing the posts for those… like this one, or trying to do the DIY around our house and garden!
I love writing. It was the best decision I made and is the perfect career for a mum that wants to stay at home. 3pm till 8pm is taken up with the children and family, and only very occasionally do I login in the evening, usually if my husband is working away, and then I’ll try and get ahead a little.
So that’s my writing day!

Emma has kindly offered to do a giveaway for us so see below and GOOD LUCK!!!
Thank you for joining us today Emma I look forward to reading Flying With Fire.


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