Friday 23 May 2014

Mortal Instruments fairwell blog tour!: Cassandra Clare on City of Lost Souls.

Yes. the time has come to say goodbye. There were tears, screams, bites, kissings and many shocking moments. It has been a long time coming and on the 28th of May 2014, we say goodbye to our beloved TMI characters. Im so nervous and scared as to what might happen aren't you? 

(Me and Cassie :D)

So without further or do I have the wonderful Cassandra Clare on the blog today talking about my favourite book in the TMI series; City of Lost souls! and also after this interview there is an EPIC giveaway!

Was Alec and Magnus' confrontation and break up always planned throughout the series?

In the sense that Alec and Magnus’ breakup grew very organically out of their characters, yes. These are the same character flaws and difficulties that have always plagued them both. Alec has always been insecure and Magnus has always been secretive. Not to mention the fact that Alec is mortal and Magnus isn’t. That would be a problem for any couple, especially one that often talks around their problems.

Was having heavenly fire involved a thought that came prior to the events in The Infernal Devices?

I was already working on TID when I realized that heavenly fire would play an important part in TMI. A lot of people do ask if the heavenly fire in Jace is the same heavenly fire that was in Tessa in Clockwork Princess. I have to say I think of it as different. Tessa took on the form of an angel, she was burning up with angelic fire. What’s in Jace comes from the sword of the archangel Michael. It’s a lot more about the vengeance and glory of heaven than about the more compassionate qualities of angels.

What scene in City of Lost Souls  sticks out in your mind? 

It’s hard to pick. I love the scene at the lake with Simon and Raziel. And Jocelyn and Izzy’s visit to the Iron Sisters. And Jace and Clary’s visit to the club in Prague stands out in my mind. It was fun writing something that was at first a fun wild dance party scene and that turned very gradually dark and threatening and bloody.

The ending made many fans on edge after reading it, was there anything that didn't make it in to the ending?

I don’t think so! I think everything that was meant to get in there, got in there. You don’t want to spend the end of a book dwelling too much on what’s essentially setup for the next book. Sebastian’s murderous message — “I am coming” — was always planned to be the ending. I wanted to end on a note that indicated that something big was about to happen. But I also meant to leave Clary and Jace in a pretty solid place. Their relationship was made stronger by what happened in CoLS and I wanted to acknowledge that.

I loved the club scene in COLS. The moment Clary looks up and sees you know what on the celling? *shivers* how fun was writing that scene? 

 It was really fun, like I said, one of my favorites! Because it's a really sexy scene at first. Jace and Clary are both in this really weird headspace — he's possessed, and she's playing this dangerous game pretending to be on his and Sebastian's side — and they sort of fall into each other in this scene, freed up by the music and also the demon drugs that are in the air. And so they're really desperate, not just for each other, but for the sort of safety and salvation they usually find in each other but which is not happening here, because neither of them is really themselves. And then the outside world starts to reflect that, and you can see the wrongness in the death and the dripping blood. It really creeped me out to write it.

 And there you have it guys! Hope you enjoyed this little Q&A.. and now to the giveaway US only Competition ends 6th of June! good luck x

MUNDIE MOMS tomorrow to talk all things City of Heavenly of Fire.


Jess said...

Thanks for this amazing giveaway! I'm so gutted that I can't meet Cassie Clare this summer (as you know she's one of my favourites) so the chance to win this really softens the blow!

Victoria said...

I have truly loved this series :). I'm going to miss it until Dark Artifices comes out ;).

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