Friday 21 March 2014

Hot Key Blogger Brunch

Recently, I was lucky enough to meet the lovely people at Hot Key books for the very first time and I am pleased to say I was welcomed with open arms and thankfully I was able to stay for pizza before dashing back to work.
There were presentations from Hot Key books, Piccadilly Press and Templar Fiction.

From Templar I am looking forward to:

Stitch Up By Sophie Hamilton 

Dasha Gold enjoys a life of privilege, but it comes at a price extreme image control, including cosemtic surgery to transform her into a living logo for her parents global corporation. Presented with a way out, Dasha embarks on a hunt for the truth that takes her across a divided and CCTV dominated city, in the company of maverick Londoner Latif. But money talks and the Golds own the media. Who can Dasha really trust?

No Going Back By Alex Gutteridge

Fifteen-year-old Laura gets the shock of her life when she moves to rural Derbyshire and finds the ghost of her dead father in her grandmother's home. At first Laura is overjoyed to see him, but as time passes she begins to wonder why her dad is finding it so difficult to move on, and why her mother still refuses to talk about his death. What is the secret that has been kept from her all these years?

From Hot Keys:

Say Her Name By James Dawson (I have already read this and am currently working on th review and something creative)

Roberta 'Bobbie' Brown is not the kind of person who believes in ghosts. A Halloween dare at her ridiculously spooky boarding school is no big deal, especially when her best friend Naya and cute local boy Caine agree to join in too. They are ordered to summon the legendary ghost of 'Bloody Mary', say her name five times in front of a candlelit mirror, and she shall appear...but, surprise surprise nothing happens.

Or does it?
Next morning, Bobbie finds a message on her bathroom mirror....five days...but what does it mean? And who left it there? Things get increasingly weird and more terrifying for Bobbie and Naya, until it becomes all too clear that Bloody Mary was indeed callsed from the afterlife that night, and she is in a race against time befre their five days are up and Mary comes for them, as she has come for countless others before....

Love Letters To The Dead By Ava Dellaira

It begins as an assignment for English class: write a letter to a dead person- any dead person. Laurel chooses Kurt Cobain- he died young, and so did Laurel's sister May- so maybe he'll understand a bit of what Laurel is going through. Soon Laurel is writing letters to lots of dead people Janis Joplin, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Amelia's like she can't stop. And she'd certainly never dream of handing them in to her teacher. She writes about what it's like going to a new high school, meeting new friends, falling in love for the first time and how her family shattered since May died.

There is so much to look forward to this is just a snapshot. I was lucky enough to also get a copy of Maureen Johnson's Suite Scarlett.

I hope to try and read this before the next in the series is released.

So that is all from me for now. I am still aware I still owe some people books plus I am to pick the winners of the Jodi Picoult comp soon I promise.


Jesse Owen said...

This sounds like it was a fab event - I'm so sad I missed it!

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