Friday 14 March 2014

Book Review: Dodger By James Benmore

Name: Dodger
Author: James Benmore
Publisher: Heron Books

SummaryLondon, 1850s. 
After five years in an Australian penal colony, the Artful Dodger returns to London in search of a hidden fortune. Unaware of the fate that befell Twist, Fagin and Sikes, Dodger revisits the criminal underworld of Dickensian London to seek out his old comrades, any of whom might possess the key to the treasure. 
He finds the city a changed place from his youth: with law and order upheld by a new police force, Fagin gone to the gallows, his old gang scattered and danger around every corner.

Review: Thanks to the world of Twitter I discovered James Benmore and Dodger. Just from hearing about this book I was instantly intrigued. Who didn't adore Oliver Twist and Dodger, well he was the cheeky scamp everyone liked on the quiet. If Dickens were alive today he would laugh and smile at the way James has written Dodger. The flare and creativity is out of this world. Everyone knows the story of Oliver Twist and how that tale ended.
What I truly liked about Dodger is that it's like just after the film although six years later. 
The anguish and despair when Jack finds out that Nancy is dead and that she was brutally killed by Bill a guy he had idolised all his life is a truly heartbreaking moment.
I love the way James has brought to life a character who could seem somewhat dated. Even though he writes in the correct era for the Artful Dodger aka Jack Dawkins it still feels like he has modernised him in a way. The charismatic Dodger still has the charm and flare he's always had and that's what makes us readers like him. Even though part of you is thinking you'll get caught and deserve it the majority of your brain is egging him on to be safe.

Dodger is about a journey that Jack is going through to become an honest gentleman. Ok, sure he is never going to be that honest. The journey he takes in order to have his life back is both humorous and sad a long the way. Jack makes an unlikely friend in Warrigal as well as learning a lot about himself along the way. 

All that is left to say is go grab a copy.
I cannot wait to read more about the delightful Jack Dawkins in June when James releases Dodger of the dials.


Unknown said...

I absolutely loved it too and can't wait for the sequel Dodger of the dials :)

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