Friday 21 February 2014

Guest Post: Kirsty talks Escapism

Today here at Dark Readers we welcome Kirsty from The Love Of A Good Book. Kirsty and me became good friends after sharing Nell's beautiful story and I asked her if she wouldn't mind guesting for us and here she is....

Last year I travelled to Paris, Rome, San Francisco. New York on several occasions and Thailand, 
In fact looking back, I pretty much travelled the world.

But look at my passport and you won't find a single stamp for any of these destinations and that's because I travelled within my mind! 

I love nothing better than to escape within the pages of a book, to be transported to another would. 
There's something magical about the feeling a book can give you, the way it can consume your imagination and leave you at a loss when you close that last page.

When I went to San Francisco with Miranda Dickinson's 'Take A Look At Me Now' I found myself overcome by the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, hungry from the thought of the delicious sounding American dishes and bereft as I turn that final page and left the story I'd been enchanted by.

I'm in awe at the way an author can impact my thoughts and feelings, how their characters and descriptions can change the mood I'm in that day. 
Like with music, there is a book for every emotion.

I can run my hand along my bookcase and pick out a book that will make me smile, a book that will restore my faith in romance and on days when I need a good cry, I can locate several for that too.
I feel like I owe so much to authors, through them I've not just travelled but I've discovered things about myself.
I've got to use my imagination daily in a more sensible way, instead of daydreaming about running off with Shemar Moore, I'm enthralled by the written word of others.
So to authors everywhere, I say THANK YOU!
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