Tuesday 15 October 2013

Haze By Paula Weston Blog Tour: RAFA-FEST!!!!

Hey Guys Casey here... So if you follow me on twitter or follow my blog a lot you will know that I am OBSESSED with Paula Weston's (The Rephaim, #1series. These books are so amazing and I haven't been this passionate about a series in awhile. I could read her novels over and over. As I am part of the Haze blog tour I wanted to share with you guys something AWESOME Paula has set up for me. Meet Rafa. The hot, sexy, funny, sarcastic and epic lead male of the novels who is one of the best leads I have read. Check him out;

Profile (in Rafa’s own words)

Age: 139 years

Based: Pretty much anywhere with a bed.

Favourite food: Lamb shanks

Favourite weapon: Katana

Favourite place: Patmos

Best friend: Jude

Favourite way to relax: Use your imagination. I’m also partial to beer.

Adrenaline rush: Red-lining a motorcycle, preferably on a bend. Sparring with Gabe (in the old days). Decapitating a Gatekeeper or hell-turd. Gaby wrapping her legs around me.

Earliest memory: Sneaking into the armory and trying to lift Nathaniel’s broadsword. It was taller than me and I knocked a bucket off the bench. Nathaniel caught me dragging the blade around the room. He made me stay in the armory until I could grip it and swing it properly. And then he made me sharpen it. I always loved that sword—until I learned to use a katana a few years later.

(You can read profiles on other characters from the Rephaim series here: http://paula-weston.com/the-rephaim-extras/the-characters/)
Photos on Rafa’s phone

A reader recently asked what other photos Rafa had on his phone (in addition to the ones Gaby sees in Shadows). Here’s what I’ve come up with:
  • Ez on Zak’s shoulders in the surf, laughing
  • A selfie of Rafa and Jude in the front row of a Foo Fighters concert with a partial shot of Dave Grohl on guitar in the background
  • Rafa wearing a bad wig at a party and Mya pulling a face over his shoulder (also in a bad wig)
  • Jude balancing a bottle of sake on his head
  • Rafa on a motorbike - more about this particular purchase in Shimmer (Rephaim #3)
  • Rafa and Jones on a ski lift in snow gear
  • Rafa drinking (badly) from a giant beer stein, his t-shirt soaked
  • Jude pretending to kiss a giant tuna on the back of a deep-sea fishing boat
  • Before and after shot of a massive burger – the after being an empty plate smeared with some kind of sauce
And the most recent:

  • A shot of Gaby in Pan Beach while she’s sleeping, sun streaming into the room
Another thought on (hypothetical) casting

Me (Casey) there is one guy I would love to see play Rafa if there ever was a movie and its this dashing fellow;
Douglas Booth. I mean look at him!!!

Thanks to Paula for writing this post for me. I love Rafa and I hope this post made you want to buy Shadows and Haze. They are both out NOW in the UK! you can buy them HERE


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