Tuesday 10 September 2013

Brair Rose Blog Tour: GET THE MAKE UP LOOK

Hey guys Casey here. So welcome to the first stop on Briar Rose Blog tour! and we have an awesome post for you indeed. SO we teamed up with Miss Sporty the makeup brand and did two awesome makeup looks inspired by the amazing novel. So without further or do check them out:
Summary: For Briar Rose, life is anything but a fairy tale. She's stuck in a small town in deepest Georgia with parents who won't let her out of their sight, a bunch of small-minded, gossiping neighbours and an evil ex who's spreading nasty rumours about what she may or may not have done in the back of his car. She's tired of it all, so when, on her sixteenth birthday, her parents tell her that she is cursed and will go to sleep for a hundred years when the clock strikes midnight, she's actually kind of glad to leave it all behind. She says her goodbyes, lies down, and closes her eyes . . . And then she wakes up. Cold, alone and in the middle of the darkest, most twisted fairy tale she could ever have dreamed of. Now Briar must fight her way out of the story that has been created for her, but she can't do it alone. She never believed in handsome princes, but now she's met one her only chance is to put her life in his hands, or there will be no happy ever after and no waking up
The Briar Rose look
 Make Up You will need:
1. Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation (Light)
2. Miss Sporty Cat's Eyes Palette (Denim Storm)
3. Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay press powder (Medium)
4. Miss Sporty Perfect colour lipstick (Dream)
5. Miss Sporty Pump Up Lash (Black)
6. Miss Sporty Liquid Liner (Black)
1. Apply The foundation and Set Powder
2. Then apply the beige colour from the Cats eye Palette to the base of your eye.
3. Then apply some mascara. If you want to add some eyelashes to make your eyes pop even more then go ahead!
4. Once that's all done get your black liquid liner. From the waterline drag the brush down your cheek in a swirl effect. Make it look like vines from trees are pouring out your eyes instead of tears. Make sure to add some leaves and spikes onto the sides of the vines. You can have 3 vines like me or go crazy and add more.

5. Once that is all done add some Dream Red lipstick and you are done!
(Meet the Fata by reading Briar Rose)
Makeup you will need:
1. Miss Sporty So matte Perfect Stay Foundation (Light)
2. Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay press powder (Medium)
3. Miss Sporty Pump Up Lash (Black)
4. Miss Sporty Studio Colour Mono Eye Shadow (Star)
5. Fake eye lashes
6. Orange and Navy Blue face paint
7. Purple face diamond stickers
8. Miss Sporty Liquid Liner (GOLD & SILVER)
1. Apply The foundation and Set Powder.
2. Apply the Star eye shadow to the base of your lids.
3. Then get a paint brush and the blue face paint and start to create the angler eye shadow shape as seen in the picture. Make sure it reaches to the top of your eyebrow. Once you've done that add some purple diamond stickers to the tip of each point.
4. Get your blue face paint and a paint brush. With you paint brush place it at the edge of your eye then start to do a flick type effect to the top of your eye and do the same to the bottom of your cheek. Carry on doing that a few times with the blue and then the orange. Leave to dry for a second then do the same flick effect with the gold and silver liquid liners. Then add some purple diamonds in the middle of the design. You can do it to both sides of your face but I just did it to one side.
5. Get your fake eyelashes and instead of sticking them to your upper lid, stick them just below your waterline.
6. Then add some blue face paint to your lips and then you have the look!
Guys Briar Rose By Jana Oliver is OUT NOW in the UK! its such a beautiful tale. Make sure you get your hands on it!!! Also make sure you go to Sister Spookys Blog on the 14th for an awesome post on the tour.


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