Tuesday 24 September 2013

Book Trailers - Bringing the blurb to life!

Hey Guys! So it is becoming very clear that with the internet becoming faster with easier access, user friendly cameras, more editing software readily available within a reasonable price range, and the popularity of YouTube, that the chance to provide your novel with a well produced video to tantalise readers is easily within an author’s reach. From videos resembling mini movies to simple and elegant indie trailers, the choice on offer is endless. It’s a whole new epic way to show a novel!
This tailor made trailer by Mira Ink Publishers for Julie Kagawa’s novel “The Immortal Rules" is a perfect example of what I mean. The goosebumps; the tingling feeling in your stomach, the moment you scream at the screen "I WANT THIS BOOK" made me think. Could this be a way of promoting books to get people who don’t read at all to pick one up and give it a go? I think it’s already happening!
The amount of hits book trailers get on Youtube is astonishing. For example, an unofficial fan video for Cassandra Clare’s City Of Bones had over 238,588 views. That wasn’t even the official trailer! Yet the producer excited everyone enough to watch it, And it is actually one of the best fan made trailers I have seen!

People want life to be more visual now - with the growth of Ipads, E-book readers and internet on the phone. And with life becoming constantly more demanding, most people haven’t got time to sit and read the blurb about the book, they want to be shown what it is all about, plus I think its more fun. Independent authors especially have realized the potential in advertising their works through short film versions of their plots showcasing their characters on video sharing websites. I believe so strongly in the future of book trailers that I make them for fun myself. Let me tell you why: being able to portray your love for a book through a video I think is special. To put your own interpretation on what you see in your head while you’re snuggled in bed reading a book at night is endearing. Here is an example of an OFFICIAL book trailer I created for Bloomsbury UK for the book All Our Yesterdays By Cristin Terril. AMAZING novel:
When you’re in the cinema you don’t expect to see a book trailer on the big screen before your movie starts, but it’s happening. Soon it’ll be on your TV’s and everywhere else. Thousands are spent on these trailers. The whole premise is if your trailer is spectacular then your book must be, and I HAVE to buy it. Whether using a book trailer to promote your upcoming novel or to pay homage to a favourite book or series, making trailers for books is a trendy new pastime on YouTube.

- Casey :)


night said...

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Ann @ Blogging Profits Unleashed said...

Book trailers are great! I love watching them and reading book reviews. It was really fun. :)

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