Wednesday 21 August 2013

Waiting On Wednesday

Young Gifted & Dead By Lucy Carver
Publisher:Pan Macmillan/ Children's
Release Date: 10th October 2013


Don't go down to the woods today . . .

You can’t get into St Jude’s Academy unless you’re gifted, talented and supremely rich. New girl Alyssa is on a scholarship and feels like an outsider - she's not even that smart, apart from her photographic memory (and that's cheating, right?). Then one day her room-mate Lily is found floating face down in the lake. It looks like suicide, but, torn apart with guilt and grief, Alyssa is convinced that things aren't as they seem. Soon a jolted memory puts her on the trail of a sinister secret that might hold the clues to Lily's suspicious death. But Alyssa is in too deep, and she's being watched . . .

The first in a brand-new YA series, perfect for fans of The Gallagher Girls.
During my placement at Pan Macmillan the lovely Amy let me read the first part of the manuscript of Young, Gifted and Dead so I could come up with some ideas for the author during the release and possible blog tours. I was immediately hooked by the story and the mystery of Lily had me on the edge of my seat begging for more. I had to tell myself to stop reading and thankfully what I wanted to read wasn't complete so I had to stop. This is going to be awesome and it seems there will be at least two books. I honestly cannot wait to devour this and I may have opted in to donning some red lipstick to help promote the book.
ARGH!!! Can I have a copy yet???? I cannot wait to get on board with this something new and fresh to get excited about...Is it October yet???


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