Thursday 25 July 2013

Ebook Review: Sunshine with a chance of Snow By Carole Matthews

Name: Sunshine with a chance of Snow
Author: Carole Matthews
Ebook short that is currently free until the end of July.

Summary: Beth and Michael have worked hard all their married life to give their children everything they want. It hasn't been easy but it's been worth it. Now, as Beth enjoys quality time with her family on their beach holiday, she knows she has a lot to be thankful for. But it's not until she's faced with her biggest challenge yet that Beth really begins to understand how lucky she is.

In this ebook exclusive short story, Carole Matthews will transport you to a world filled with love, family and sunshine. So put your feet up, stick the kettle on and indulge yourself for just twenty minutes.
Includes the first three chapters from the Top Ten bestseller A Cottage by the Sea.

Review: I have said it before and I will say it again I have NEVER been dissatisfied with any of Carole Matthews books. So far I have read It's a kind of Magic, With Love at Christmas, Wrapped Up In You, Winter Warmers and Summer Daydreams. I also have A Cottage by the Sea awaiting me at home.

Sunshine with a chance of Snow is an exclusive ebook, that is free up until the end of July. I purchased a Kobo Arc this week that I am in love with and this poignant short read was my first download. I was not expecting this story to go the way it did. What I will say is Sunshine with a chance of Snow will make you truly appreciate the finer things in life. What Beth experiences whilst on a well deserved holiday of a lifetime will shatter her world. But it makes Beth, Michael and their adoring children realise exactly what matters in life and lavish holidays and expense is NOT it at all. True friends and family are what truly matter in life.
Dive into this heartfelt read, if it doesn't get you, well then you're cold hearted.
I truly loved Sunshine with a chance of Snow and I would like to take the time to thank Carole for this awesome FREE read. I must say if I had to have paid for it I sure would have.

Yet again impressed.


Jonathan said...

This is a great book, Sunshine With A Chance Of Snow is very warming and lovely, if you are feeling blue or fed up, just read this and feel good, simples.

David said...

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