Monday 10 June 2013

SEIGE AND STORM BLOG TOUR: being a trailor in the world of Ravka ANDGIVEAWAY

Hello there the people of Ravka. I am here today to celebrate the release of Leigh Bardugo's Epic Sequel to her amazing novel Shadow and bone, SEIGE AND STORM
So I am here today to talk about being a tailor in the world of Ravka and to host a cool giveaway. Me personally I like making things beautiful! and have a special thing for makeup. I think makeup is a wonderful. It can change someone just by the blending of the brush.
Genya. A character in both novels is an example of turning things beautiful. here is what Leigh had to say about her: "Genya was definitely inspired by my time as a makeup and special effects artist. Working in Hollywood, I definitely saw the power of beauty, the hunger people had to it, but also its limitations. Genya is an embodiment of that" Thanks Leigh!
I do love Genya and the the two novels in general so I wanted to portray my makeup skills and use those to show my love for the novels and Leigh. So without further or do here are my Shadow and bone Siege and storm crazy makeup looks!
 So what do you guys think? I went a bit crazy haaaa!
1st prize: An EXCLUSIVE signed "The Gathering Dark" trade paperback- This was originally the UK version of Shadow and Bone but its now changed so these copies are RARE
2nd prize: An Order Key ring from Herbel Design
Also make sure you check out Sister Spookys blog tomorrow as she's got an awesome post about the Etherealki (The Order of Summoners: Squallers, Inferni and Tidemakers)
See ya!




Natalie @ Book Lovers Life said...

When I try to click on the Click here thing, nothing happens!!!

Cherry said...

The "Click here" link seems to be missing...

Jess said...

Another amazing make-up look! This fits in so well with Genya! :)

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