Monday 11 February 2013

Book Review: The Baby Diaries By Sam Binnie

Name: The Baby Diaries
Author: Sam Binnie
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: 14th Feb ebook 28th Feb paperback

The hilarious and heart-warming second in the series from the author of The Wedding Diaries.
"I'd be sick right now, but I never like to reinforce a cliché."
A few weeks after Kiki and Thom return from honeymoon, Kiki finds there's a noticeable absence. An extremely serious noticeable absence of something, it turns out, Kiki now realises she was pretty glad about. One pregnancy test later, Kiki's breaking the "good news" (Thom: Wow. We're so… Edwardian.) and rewriting all the plans she'd made before.
With an ever-expanding waistline, her nightmare childhood "friend" Annie pregnant too, all the problem authors at Polka Dot Books she could (not) wish for and an army of NW London's Smug Mothers to deal with, these nine months might not be the nine months of blooming relaxation she'd been promised.

Review: Last year I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Sam's debut novel 'The Wedding Diaries' and now I can say I have just finished the equally as funny and loveable second book in the series.
Kiki Carlow (Katherine) is a loveable character and in reading this novel it's like reuniting with an old friend. It felt like I was reading from a friends diary. What a book the twists and turns of everyday life and especially for new mum's. I cannot identify with being a mum as I have no children, but my kid sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in September and I can see how much of a rollercoaster ride it is.

Kiki will have you laughing, crying and even cringing at certain aspects of this book, she really does say what everyone else is thinking.
I well and truly fell in love with her and Thom all over again. I love Sam's writing I found the diary entries and emails from when she had given birth hilarious, you can see from the writing that Sam is expressing how truly shattered Kiki really is. A funny, feel good read, but there are also some real-life tough issues that come up (I won't say as I don't want to spoil the story) but I really enjoyed the way this was handled. There were a fair few OMFG! seriously moments and at one point I even found myself sounding quite stupid by saying out loud OMG YES FIONA!. I feel like Kiki and Thom are very close friends of mine and I have loved following them on this wonderful journey.
I cannot wait to see what's next for them both and their beauty of a child.
If you want a feel good read that you can read quite quickly get your hands on 'The Wedding Diaries' and 'The Baby Diaries.' I also love how Sam has yet again added some tips at the back of the book I will keep this by for the impending time when I may well need the help haha!.

Last week I was lucky enough to meet Sam funnily enough on the day I started reading 'The Baby Diaries' Sam is a delight and I look forward to the next book in the series, even though she told me it has been delayed. All good things come to those who wait eh???


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