Tuesday 15 January 2013

Shadows by Paula Weston blog tour: Character highlight: Rafa

In case you guys didint know, I am a tad obsessed with this novel. Angels, adventure, passion and jump out of your seats moments. This book is AMAZING. To read my review go HERE. Paula is here today to give us her character highlight for Rafa. RAFA is the lead male in this story and he is on fire! no joke! check it out:
Character highlight

Name: Rafa

Age: 19 (well, sort-of)

• Beer
• Women
• Hand-to-hand combat
• Killing demons
• Antagonising the Rephaim at the Sanctuary
• Hanging out with Ez and Zak
• Kissing Gaby

• Daniel
• Demons
• Everyone at the Sanctuary
• Being told what to do
• Losing an argument
• Missing his best friend
• Being lied to

Excerpt (argument between Rafa and Gaby):
‘Do you want a crash course on demonology, or do you want to get your friend back?’ Rafa repacks the weapons.
‘Don’t start acting like an asshole again now you’ve got an audience.’
‘Did you or did you not ask for my help?’
‘I didn’t realise it was a choice between saving Mags and understanding what’s going on. Maybe if I’d known a little more, I would have made sure Maggie wasn’t in danger in the first place.’
‘Maybe she wouldn’t have been in danger if you hadn’t had your tongue down the barman’s throat.’
‘Oh, for fuck’s sake, get over it.’
Ez smiles. ‘This is just like the old days. I’ve actually missed this.’

Who would play him?
Tough question! I’ve honestly not seen an actor who’s made me think ‘he’d be perfect as Rafa’. The trick with Rafa is that he looks 19, but carries himself with the confidence and life experience of someone much older (not that he particularly acts his age). And he’s such a masculine kind of guy, so he can’t be too pretty either.

But, for the sake of the exercise – and ignoring the fact the age isn’t quite perfect – I love Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) as an actor, and this shot of him when he was younger catches some of the attitude I imagine when I picture Rafa.

MY GOD HES HOT!. I Want to say thanks to Orion and Paula for giving us this! and make sure you guys check out the next tour dates on the UK blog tour! also make sure you buy the novel! its available now in the UK!


Knoji write review said...

I can imagine what the book is like. From your description of the character, the picture you choose captures some of his qualities. It's more his facial expression than his actual physical characteristics. His face says, 'Come at me and I'll get you."

He projects the type of attitude that matches the character. I don't know if the author included a photo of the male lead anywhere in the book but this one is a fair match.

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