Wednesday 23 January 2013

Book Review: Wickedness By Deborah White

Name: Wickedness
Author: Deborah White

Summary: A thrilling adventure that combines history fantasy and romance. Refreshingly original, from an exciting new voice in teenage fiction. This is a stunning debut in a brilliant new series for teenage girls from new Templar author Deborah White. A powerful and charismatic man; an Egyptian mummy and twenty spells written in hieroglyphics on parchment. An emerald casket, a French ropewalker and two red-haired girls, fourteen years old and living in London, but four hundred years apart - are all united by blood and by a devastating prophecy.

Review: I like to be challenged by books every once and a while when I agreed to read the follow up to this book I asked to read this first. I am glad that I have as I know I would have been baffled otherwise. This book is weird and just a little bit disturbing but I had to know more. I have found it compelling and intriguing. I like the fact each person has a different font and trying to work out the messages behind the mauscripts has me constantly thinking different thoughts about the book.

Another plus point for this book is that it is based in London, I love that it drifts from London during the plague and the present day. I knew I disliked the doctor from the beginning and I have a funny feeling Deceit is going to be just as disturbing and haunting as Wickedness. What I loved was the fact you hated him, hated the disturbing images and weird goings on you still had to know what happened next. I was shocked by Zac but when I thought about it, it was also kind of obvious. Sometimes the characters you love are really not what they seem, and sometimes you hate certain characters but also feel for them. I love conflicting thoughts and opinions whilst reading. It keeps you on your toes.
Although all seems well at the end of Wickedness I just cannot shake the feeling that Deceit is going to be far more sinister, on a whole new level.
I enjoyed this read even though parts disturbed me a great deal and I have had to read a seperate book in between this series.


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