Sunday 16 September 2012

Throne Of Glass Blog Tour: Sarah’s Guilty Pleasure Reads

Hey Guys! So the next stop on the blog tour it stopping here! we have Saraj J. Mass author of the AMAZING, Throne of Glass is on the blog talking about her pleasure reads! Read my Review HERE and check out Sarah's Post:

These days, between my writing career and personal life, I don’t have much time for reading (honestly, it’s been the hardest thing to adjust to since getting a book deal). So when I do have an evening free, you can find me on the couch with my kindle, devouring my guilty pleasure: adult paranormal romance novels. Actually, my favorite thing about having a kindle is that it makes it so easy to finish one book and immediately download the next—which is precisely what happens every time I go on a reading binge.
So, I thought I’d share my top three guilty pleasure series—which are all also books that I think Celaena, the heroine of Throne of Glass, would go absolutely gaga over. It’s no coincidence that her guilty pleasure is reading romance books, too!
Thea Harrison’s Elder Races series (starting with Dragon Bound):

This was my gateway drug to the world of paranormal romance. Hot guys that can shape-shift, strong female leads, vibrant world building—what more can you look for in a guilty pleasure read? After seeing a rave review for Dragon Bound online, and in need of a change from my typical YA fantasy fare, I figured I’d give it a shot. A day later, I was downloading the second book in the series. Then the third. And then the fourth. And then I wrote emails to my closest friends, demanding that they immediately read the books. I actually loved the first four books enough that I bought them all in print, too (just in case the apocalypse happens and I somehow can’t find a way to charge my kindle)! Thea Harrison has also written a number of companion e-novellas, which are all absolutely delicious!
Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series (starting with Angels’ Blood):

Raphael. Enough said. Need more convincing? Okay. How about super-powerful (and sexy!) angels, kick-ass and compelling heroines, and a fascinating re-imagining of our world, in which angels and humans (and vampires!) live alongside each other? Not enough? Well, in addition to having majorly steamy romance, Nalini Singh is an incredible writer. Her characters, the world-building—it’s all top notch. I read the whole series, and as soon as I finished, I did two things: 1) Learned when the next book is releasing and 2) Downloaded the first book in her Psy-Changeling series. I am THAT much of a fan

J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series (starting with Dark Lover):

Oh, where do I even begin? I read all ten books over the course of a few weeks (and in the middle of drafting the sequel to Throne of Glass, too!). I swooned, laughed, and cried (at the end of Lover Awakened I was in a fetal position, weeping). The series is dark and sensual and heartbreaking—and utterly addictive. Books by J. R. Ward are now instant-buys for me. (And Goodness help me if I ever meet her, because I will probably dissolve into a puddle of fangirl goo.

Thanks Sarah, These are awesome reads!
guys check out the Throne Of Glass Book Trailer! and make sure you get the novel because guess what? ITS OUT NOW!


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