Wednesday 19 September 2012

Book Review: A Very Accidental Love Story By Claudia Carroll

Name: A very Accidental Love Story
Author: Claudia Carroll
Publisher: Avon
UK Release Date: 27th September, 2012 


Eloise Elliot is one of the youngest newspaper editors in the country. Respected and revered by her peers, she’s at the top of her game.
But, on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, finding herself surrounded by some pathetic looking balloons and mangy sandwiches in The Daily Post’s conference room, Eloise is hit but a long sharp pang of loneliness.
Suddenly, and with dazzling clarity, she realises what she wants to make her life more complete. A baby.
One successful trip to the sperm bank and almost three years later and she is the adoring mother of a gorgeous little girl, Lily. Juggling a high-powered job with motherhood is not easy and when she finds herself without childcare she sends an SOS to her sister Helen. Yet it’s when Lily starts asking about her ‘daddy’ that Eloise really starts to panic. What will she tell her?
So Eloise decides there’s nothing for it – she’s going to find Lily’s father. After all, she chose the perfect donor so surely there won’t be any surprises. Except that there are plenty, and Eloise gets a lot more than she bargained for.


So today is the day I fly to California, so I thought I would leave you with a little something from me. ENJOY!

It's a sad state of affairs when you don't have at least a handful of real friends around you. It's even worse when you hit a milestone like 30 years of age and there is no one who actually CARES about you.
Eloise Elliott might be a hard nosed workaholic but I can't help but feel sorry for her.

The story starts three years later.
I love the way Claudia writes so carefree and it's like reading a friends diary or something. As a reader you're so at ease with Eloise and her story, that you're constantly wanting to know more.
Eloise's guilt for her daughter and her sister is so apparent, the hard faced journalist does actually have a heart of gold underneath that tough exterior. 
When I attended a brunch with Claudia she said we'd hate Eloise but I cannot help truly adoring her. 

You can see just how much research Claudia has done by the way the story goes. With Eloise getting Ireland's best investigative hack in on finding Lily's father.
There are some turbulent moments in this novel that made me extremely angry. 
The worst thing was during this part of the novel my lunch break ended and I was on tenderhooks to delve back into the world of Eloise and Jake.  

The further I got to the end the harder it was to put down. It was long into the early hours of the morning when I finished this romantic masterpiece.
When I attended a brunch with Claudia she was so worried about how readers would find this modern day take on My Fair Lady and pygmallion. I can safely say this book had me angry, smiling and in tears of joy.

Good old Lily had me sobbing so much. That little girl is a treasure and I love the way Claudia has written the cheeky scamp, the way she can't say her R's is extremely cute.
Eloise Elliott may have started out in this book as a hard-faced workaholic but the change in her as a person is somewhat remarkable, so remarkable you wouldn't believe it.

I would love to see 'A Very Accidental Love Story' as a film it would be surperb is it wrong that I can already see Gerard Butler as Jake.
This is the second novel that I have read from Claudia Carroll and I honestly cannot wait to read more from her. 


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