Thursday 13 September 2012

A little hello from Hayley

Hello all,

I just thought I would say hello, I have a few reviews that I am working on and they will definitely be up in the next few days.
I've had lots going on, had a bit of an emotional one at home, that is all well and good now thankfully.
Over the last few days I've been feeling very fluey so haven't got a great deal done, so I apologise as I have been meaning to finish the last parts of these reviews and get them up, they are nearly there.

I gave in to the hype and started reading the 50 Shades series, don't worry I shant be reviewing on here, I must say I quite enjoyed the first book but the second one hasn't grabbed me as much, hence why it has been left on the side.

On the otherhand I have been late to the party with The Hunger Games but I am addicted to it, I am currently reading 'Catching Fire' I also have the DVD but due to illness and needing sleep I haven't watched it as yet. So over the next few days you shall see 'The Wedding Diaries', The Debutantes' and 'A Very Accidental Love Story' on the blog from me. In 6 days time I shall be departing for California USA I cannot wait and you never know I may return with some goodies for the blog.
To those awaiting goodies from me they are on their way.

Do let us know what you've been reading? I am always open to recommendations.


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