Wednesday 8 August 2012

Another random week #2 CASEY

Yes, Hello, Hi! It's Casey here your stranger of a reviewer.... Why you ask? BECAUSE I HAVE NO INTERNET. Ok let me calm myself before I have a meltdown. Basically I have no Internet till next week because I've been so busy with work I actually haven't had the chance to get the Internet lol. Anyways enough of me moaning how are you guys? I've Missed you terribly.
I've had another random week, work, crazy people and buying vampire fangs. Yes I said vampire fangs, you want to know why? Nope not telling you just yet! Soon I will though! So I've been location scouting around London and just thinking of cool places to film! I came across this

Spooky huh? There is a Devil legend associated with Bleeding Heart Yard that ends in the horrific death of Lady Elizabeth Hatton. But I'll let you google that. ;)

Also I went to a QNA with Lee weatherly, Zoe Marriot at foyles in London and got this epic goodie bag! I filmed the whole thing! So that should be up soon :)

Yeah so it's been an interesting week. The Olympics are happening in London right now and the olympic ceremony was AMAZING the red arrows even flew over my house! Check it out!

So about this whole reason I'm buying fangs it's top secret but I will leave you with this little picture to wet your appetite ;)


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