Monday 16 July 2012

A random week indeed (Casey)

Hey guys so me, Hayley and Andrea are doing something new today. We thought we would literally every week about just what we have been up to in the "real" world and maybe you guys will get to know us more so here's my week

Pretty much started of weird through out the week. London is turning into a crazy place at the moment with all the olympic stuff. Im expecting the worse. But anyway yeah so weird things have happened this week for example I was coming home from work the other day and I saw this weird CLOUD! It looked like a gush of fire coming to get us all very creepy. The wonders of the world indeed ha!

So I work in Camden in London. Camden is very well known for its out landish people, clothing and just craziness. I was on my way to work and just had to take this pic! 10am in the morning! He's ready to rock out indeed lol

So to ad to the more weird. I live in an apartment and I look out the window onto my grass and some random banksy grass wannabe has tried to design a bird of some sort with dirt! Yes only in London ladies and gentlemen ha.

We can't not talk about this bipolar weather here in the UK.

Yes it's 25c in the UK which is HOT! I don't know what that is in America but I could almost probably boil an egg on a car roof. Literally it was FREEZING two days ago and now it's hot as fudge! Bipolar weather indeed lol I live the rain just as long as I'm not stuck in it ha!

As I was enjoying the hot weather for the hour it lasted I decided to do some window shopping and check out this awesome vintage camera from Japan I found £20! CHEAP.

I'll leave you with a pic a took yesterday of the moon! Byeee mwah x

p.s sorry for the lack of posts from me! my internet is down so waiting for new one! got an awesome video coming soon too! xx


Jesse Owen (Reading to Life) said...

Fab post - interesting to see your week :)

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