Tuesday 26 June 2012

Intrigue, Suspense and just a general Hayley hello.

Hello all, Hayley here.

Well I apologise for my semi-silence, I am working on some reviews for you guys- the next one you will see is of Grave Mercy a book I was unsure of that I loved in the end so keep checking back.
So it seems the whole world are being blown away by the Fifty Shades series- I kept saying I wasn't going to read it but if I'm honest with you guys I'm INTRIGUED.
My best friend is currently on the second novel and I'm blaming her for my lapse in judgement, I shall keep you updated but I can see me having bought and started them by the end of the week eeek.

I am completely hooked by Claudia Carroll's 'A Very Accidental Love Story' I was sooo annoyed when my break ended during a crucial turn in the story, that had me a little distraught if I'm honest roll on 9pm when I finish work as soon as I'm on that bus the book will be back out of my bag. You have this awesome book to look forward to in September so you may have a wait for my review.
If there are any other Claudia Carroll fans out there feel free to send me a question as I shall be doing a Q&A with the lovely lady herself very soon and we may even have a guest post too.

Today I saw the finished copy of Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts on display in WHSmith I just had to see my quote I must've looked like a complete retard just smiling at a book.
Recently, I attended a blogger event with Random House- god those guys are awesome they always have the BEST cakes, I swear I gain pounds as I walk through the door some very exciting books coming from them I shall be reviewing some very soon.

I must also admit that I only recently read Angel by L.A.Weatherly I thoroughly enjoyed it and shall get to Angel Fire as soon as I can. God there are so many awesome books to choose from.
Do let me know if any of you out there are as bad as me for getting books and then not getting round to them for ages.

Look what I saw in my local high street...

How much I adored this series and it looks like Lauren has written something in Daniel's POV eeek cannot wait.
Anyway I shall love you and leave you guys there will be lots more coming REAL soon.


Victoria said...

How cool. I don't even have a bookstore anymore - closed :(

Dark Readers said...

Aww no that sucks :( Where do you live?

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