Wednesday 13 June 2012

Claudia Carroll brunch with Avon Books

When I recieved the email from Becke at Avon Books asking if I would like to attend a brunch with Claudia Carroll I immediately hit reply with yes count me in.
On a rare yet sunny morning in London I had the pleasure of meeting Claudia Carroll and the Avon team for breakfast and a chit-chat.

Claudia is a beautiful and loving person as well as a fantastic author, she made everyone in that room feel looked after. We all ended up telling Claudia to stop worrying about us all.
Claudia did have a rather ace call on the Mango juice although now I am craving it a little ha.
I feel like I've known Claudia for years as we've been regularly chatting on Twitter.
As we met and chatted in person it felt like two old friends catching up, Irish people tend to have that effect on me and Claudia was no different, so it was easy to chat freely.

I read and reviewed one of Claudia's previous novels 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Over the years I have seen many of her novels and have meant to read more. It's funny today Claudia was talking about how difficult it is finding a title for each book and she mentioned her novel 'Remind Me Again Why I Need A Man'. (The name came from one of her friends fridge magnets) but what was funny for me, is that whenever I've been in an Irish book store that book has always stuck out for me. The sad thing is I still haven't read it. But I shall.

So 'A Very Accidental Love Story' is the name of Claudia's next novel which I now have a copy of yay! It shall be released in the UK in September.
Claudia is nervous as to whether us readers will like it but I know it's going to be fab, she described it to us as a cross between Eliza Doolittle and pygmalion. It sounds like we're going to love and hate the heroine and I truly love books that challenge you like that.
She is currently recording her very first audio book, unlike many authors Claudia is reading 'A Very Accidental Love Story' herself.
We also got a bit of a sneak preview into the novel she is currently working on about missing people, which sounds awesome.

So here are some of the goodies I recieved...

Here's a better picture of the beautiful cupcake which I have somehow not eaten yet...

Before I end my post I would like to ask if any of our followers have a burning question for Claudia Carroll? Do let me know as I shall be interviewing her in the not so distant future.

Finally me and the lovely Claudia Carroll I shall visit you in Dublin when I can...


serendipity_viv said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time. The author sounds lovely.

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