Thursday 26 April 2012

Q&A With Author Rebecca Serle; Author Of When You Were Mine,

Hey Guys So Today I have the Awesome Rebecca Serle author this When You Were Mine answering some questions for us! Check Out my review for When You Were Mine HERE

What inspired you to write WYWM?
The idea of telling Rosaline's story came to me when I was going through a heartbreak of my own--- I knew this was the book I had to write. I know so many girls have had someone pull a Romeo on them. I wrote it for all of us!

How does it feel to have your first novel published?
It's pretty remarkable. This was really the only professional goal I ever had (I'm terrible at just about everything else) so to realize it is just amazing. I'm really, really lucky.

If When you were mine was made into a movie what actor/actress would you love to see play the characters?
We are casting the film right now, actually! I think the actors up for the roles are pretty perfect :) You can read a bit more about the film HERE 

If Rosalie and Charlie were stuck on a desert island together what 3 things each do you think they would bring?
1) A journal so she could write--- letters to Rob, probably.
2) Sunscreen--- she's got light skin!
3) A cell phone. Rosaline is pragmatic. I think she'd want to figure out how to get out of there.
1) Music so they could dance.
2) Make-up-- hey, she'd still want to look good!
3) Some kind of stuffed animal from her childhood. Charlie has a sensitive side, we just don't get to see it too often

If you could go to dinner with any of your novels characters who would it be and where would you go to eat?
I'd probably go to dinner with Len. I kind of have a crush on him, to be honest.

What one song would suit Rosaline and Rob relationship right now?
Depends on where in the book they are! I'd probably say "Better In Time" by Leona Lewis. Gosh that song is so so good

What's next for you?
Another novel! I can't say too much about it but it's going really well. I think it's going to be something you will love

Thanks To Rebecca for answering our questions! cannot wait to see this on the big screen I have a feeling its going to be BIG make sure you get When You Mine right now in the UK


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