Tuesday 24 April 2012

Book Signings: Lisa Scottoline & Dark Days

Last Thursday I drove to Naperville, IL for Lisa Scottoline's book signing at Anderson's Bookshop. She was there for her latest novel Come Home. I've been a huge fan of Lisa's writing for several years now and started picking up her books when I came across her mystery series Rosato & Associates. Now that Lisa has started writing a newer genre of fiction I've continued to read her novels and have loved each one of them! I'm sure Come Home won't be any different...

Lisa is one of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure of meeting! I handed her "Look Again" saying that it was one of my personal favorites of her's and asked if she'd personalize it for me. And Come Home she signed to Dark Readers Blog :) so guess what that means!! Giveaway soon once I get the book read lol! When she found out that I drove 4.5 hours to this signing she gave me an entire box of TastyKakes which she had been handing out -- they are very good! 

"Whenever something bad happens in life I always say... well that's just a plot twist. Because you'll figure it all out." - Lisa Scottoline

Before Lisa's signing I ran in Dan Wells YA author of Partials who was there for Dark Days of Winter tour with Kimberly Derting (The Body Finder series) and Jill Hathaway (Slide)! I introduced myself and explained that I wish I could make it to their signing but it was conflicting with Lisa's so I'd make my way over later as I was talking with him both Kimberly and Jill walked up and so Dan introduced me to them and explained to him about Dark Readers Blog and that I'd be over later to the signing but couldn't make it right away. They were finished speaking by the time I got there but I was able to gather up some signed swag to do giveaways! (Keep an eye out! I'll have a post up tomorrow!) Had a lovely chat with Dan about the cover of the second book in Partials- the cover looks awesome!

Overall both signings were a huge success! I was very glad I had the opportunity to meet Lisa, I can officially mark that signing off my list - but I hope that that isn't the last time she's back in the area because she's a fun speaker and just a great person to be around!!


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