Thursday 8 March 2012

Wacky Questions With Lauren Oliver

So lately I've been finding myself when having interviews with authors to be asking the typical boring questions so seeing as Im having an interview with the New York Times Best seller of ( Pandemonium, Congrats Lauren) I thought lets ask some wacky questions and here they are:

If Alex and Lena were stuck on a desert island together what 3 things each do you think they would bring?
Alex would bring a book of poetry, a lighter, and lighter fluid; Lena would bring a brush, a picture of her parents, and her running shoes.

If aliens landed in front of Lena and, in exchange for anything she desire's, offered her any position on their planet, what would she want?
The Lena in Delirium would want any position except that of leader; the Lena in Pandemonium would look for a position that would allow her to be much more in charge.

If Julian (from Pandemonium) were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?
Again, it's hard to say, because his character evolves so much! But at the start of Pandemonium, I imagine he is written about on the front page quite often. A typical headline might read: FINEMAN, JR. FOLLOWS IN FATHER'S FOOTSTEPS.

If you could go to dinner with any of your novels characters who would it be and where would you go to eat?
I'd probably go out to Hana to Per Se, a really expensive restaurant in New York, and hope that her parents were paying!

What one song would suit Alex and Lena's relationship right now?
Post-Pandemonium: "Don't Speak," by Gwen Stefani

So there you go! Wacky questions. Make sure you guy hit the stores or online and buy Laurens Delirium and then Pandemonium. The books are amazing and I strongly suggestion you get your hands on them!

check out the UK and US covers! Whats your fav? I know which one mine is! ;)

 UK                                     US


Vicki said...

Lol at Don't Speak!

Victoria said...

I like the US cover.

Anonymous said...

hehe, I love these questions

District YA said...

Love It :D Great interview x

Victoria Scott said...

Love this interview. You came up with really good questions!! :)

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