Monday 26 March 2012

Book Review: Fated The Soul Seekers By Alyson Noel

Name: Fated- The Soul Seekers
Author: Alyson Noel
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Release date: 24th May, 2012- UK

Strange things are happening to Daire Santos. Crows mock her, glowing people stalk her, time stops without warning, and a beautiful boy with unearthly blue eyes haunts all her dreams. Fearing for her daughter's sanity, Daire's mother sends her to live with the grandmother she's never met. A woman who recognizes the visions for what they truly are--the call to her destiny as a Soul Seeker--one who can navigate the worlds between the living and dead. There on the dusty plains of Enchantment, New Mexico, Daire sets out to harness her mystical powers. But it's when she meets Dace, the boy from her dreams, that her whole world is shaken to its core. Now Daire is forced to discover if Dace is the one guy she's meant to be with...or if he's allied with the enemy she's destined to destroy.


Where do I start?

All I can say is this book is amazing.
I bet you've read a million reviews where the reviewer says this book is like nothing they've ever read before.
Well with 'Fated' that is honestly how I felt.
For those of you that have been reading Dark-Readers for a while you'll know I'm a huge fan of Alyson Noel.
I truly loved 'The Immortals' series and I was so sad when it ended,I felt kind of lost without Ever and Damen.

Luckily, for me Alyson mentioned her new project 'The Soul Seekers'- 'Fated' is the first in the series and after only a few pages I'm well and truly hooked.
I don't know if I want to admit this but I think Dace and Daire are rivalling Ever and Damen in a huge way.
I love the bad boy in Damen but Dace is mysterious yet warm, caring and in some ways shy and naïve.
Daire is witty and strong- the kind of girl we all wish to be.
Yet, she's only just sweet sixteen.
Daire being sixteen has a lot to do with the novel and the events that happen.

What I loved about this novel is the relationship between Daire and Paloma.
Their relationship started really frosty but the more Daire got to know her grandmother the more she became attached to her.
She wasn't used to it, all she'd known was being on the road with her mum until the strange images started.
I also loved the relationship between Daire and Sochee (Xotchi) they have the most unlikely friendship yet the minute Xotchi appears I instantly loved her.
I'm not going to lie I've been a bit creeped out by crows since reading this novel.
There are so many interesting twists and on the edge of your seat moments.
When Dace and Daire 'officially' meet the novel's pace seems to quicken.
It's fun,exciting, sexual and in some places a little terrifying.
Like many Ya novels there is an impending love triangle, in this case it's even more intense as it's the good and evil twin brothers.
The minute I met Cade I disliked him but Dace I am completely entranced by and the sexual tension is agonising for the reader. I've warned you this book will frustrate you but it is so far the best thing I have read this year.

If you're looking for a new series to get stuck into 'The Soul Seekers' is out of this world, I'm so on edge for the next book it's untrue.
The unanswered questions about 'The Echo' has me on tender hooks.
I'm ready for more now the wait is going to kill me.
Now it's time for me to read something new otherwise I'll be depressed by the wait for the next instalment.


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